What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Rachel

I'm a Texan. I'm a student. I'm a sister. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 23 years old. I spent the majority of my life living in Houston,Texas. I'm currently a student at Utah State University and am starting my senior year in the social work program. Once I've earned my bachelors degree I plan to go directly to grad school for my masters. I want to work in schools and help develop prevention programs for inner city youth. I spend my summers as a camp counselor and I love it! I love music and traveling. I love to read, in particular I'm a Harry Potter nut. I'm a poor rock climber but I love it and am working I improve. My two greatest loves are Mexican and Italian food, but I can eat cereal for all 3 meals a day and be happy. I adore my family and consider my siblings to be my best friends. I recently returned from a full time mission in Ontario, Canada for a year and a half, and when the Olympics aren't going on I consider myself part hoser.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I've felt the spirit burn too strongly to ever deny it. I was born into the church and raised LDS, and I was baptized when I was 8. I really believe I was blessed with the gift of faith mentioned in the scriptures, but I had several points in my life where I had to decide if I thought this gospel I believed in was worth the effort and sacrifice it takes to be an active member. But every time I sacrifice for the Lord I receive in return more than I ever thought I could be blessed with. Whether it was serving a mission, serving in a calling, or just choosing to obey a commandment in a moment of temptation, I know that God gave me more than I ever gave to Him. I find incredible joy in this church and gospel. I don't believe anything else in this world would give me the peace and satisfaction God does.

How I live my faith

Serving as a full time missionary in the Canada Toronto Mission strengthened my resolve to be an active follower of Christ, but since returning home the struggle of living in this world while practicing my faith has been very real to me. I cling to my faith through scripture study, a habit I once struggled with but now consider to be one of my main connections to God. I attend free scripture classes know as Institute to study the words of ancient and modern prophets and read at least a chapter of scripture every day. I'm a huge believer in the importance of missionary work and giving those who are looking for me the chance to learn about this gospel I treasure so much, so I try to pray often for those opportunities. Church each Sunday is also a huge part of keeping my faith strong. I participate in the women's Relief Society, Sunday School Classes, and attend sacrament meeting where I have the chance each week to renew the promises I made when I was baptized at age 8.

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

God not only our creator and diety- He is literally our Father in Heaven. He created us spiritually before we were created physically, and we lived with him before this life. Because of this, He knows us perfectly and individually- our weaknesses and mistakes as well as our greatest strengths and potential. He loves us and wants us to be successful in this life. Everything He does is for our benefit, to help us have a happy life and eventually return to live with Him again. We can never do anything to disqualify for His love and mercy. We can develop a personal, real relationship, just like one would with their physical parent, by communicating with Him through prayer. He hears and answers us. We have the potential to one day become like Him, with a perfect body and spirit. Show more Show less

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ- further evidence of his divinity and record of teachings. It adds to the truths we learn from the Bible and is there to clarify and add to the faith people already treasure. It teaches the same principles and truths as the Bible. It is not a revised or different version of the Holy Bible, but is the writings of other prophets who lived between 600 BC and 400 AD on the American Continent. Reading from the Book of Mormon will strength anyone's testimony of the Savior, and answer the questions they have about life. It will draw them nearer to God and invite the Spirit. We've been promised, on it's pages and from modern day prophets of God, that if we pray about the Book of Mormon we will come to know that it is the word of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that a study of its teachings will bring peace and happiness to anyone seeking it. I really love the Book of Mormon! I love what I read in it, how I feel as I study it, and how it impacts my life when I apply it. I've prayed to know it's true several times, and the answer has come over and over that this book is the true word of God. 3 Nephi chapters 8-11 teach me more about God and Christ's love for me and all people than anything else I've ever read. Show more Show less