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Hi I'm Casey

I'm a student. I like mountains, reading, writing, and badminton. I am the youngest of 11. I love rootbeer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Atlanta. Movies. Hoodies. Badminton. Rootbeer. Green. Family. Running. Alternative rock. Organization. Economics. Novels. Long drives. Journals. Games. Who wants to be a millionaire? Apple products. Lasagna. College. Quiet. Introvert. Logical. Mountains. Ice cream. Spring. Ambitious. Reserved. Passive. Blue jeans. Comedians.

Why I am a Mormon

I admit I was born to active members of the church, but I am definitely a convert. Nothing makes more sense to me than having established rules. Even the universe has rules and laws it follows as proved by science. I believe that the source of the 'laws' (be they physical or spiritual) come from a master architect. Someone who knows so much that I couldn't possibly compare myself to them. If the universe was so carefully organized by such a being, then my existence here can't be by coincidence either. I have a purpose. So does God. A scripture teaches us that God has arranged these things to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. He has outlined a plan that will ultimately bring us back to our beginnings with Him. I feel like that is true. If God was so careful in the creation of all these things, then surely he was equally careful in preparing and presenting us with the information and opportunities to make correct choices. I have observed the truthfulness of the Bible, but also the resultant state of division among those that believe. There must be another source of truth; a second witness is needed to clarify and expound on the doctrines that will save our soul. For lack of better terms, I am confident that the conductor of the vast universe would not place all His eggs in one basket. There is a law of witnesses where every word will be established; The Book of Mormon is titled "Another Testament of Jesus Christ." I am convinced of the validity of a supreme being, and I am equally convinced that he has provided further proof of his purpose.

How I live my faith

It isn't hard. I pray to my Father in Heaven, I read the Bible and Book of Mormon, and I attend church on Sunday. In addition to these things, I try my best to apply what I learn from reading, praying, and going to church. I set what examples I can for others and strive to be everything that I know my Father in Heaven wants me to become. I'm especially grateful to the gospel because it has allowed me to forget about what others may think of me. If I am doing all these things to be a better individual than I don't need to worry about what the world may think or comment. I've recognized how much happier life truly becomes when I'm following the standards I've been taught. If there is anything anyone truly wants it should be happiness. So, I have set aside time in my life to share this message with other people in hopes they find how happy it can make them as well.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

We cannot fully comprehend the Atonement in this life. However, there are 2 important points we must know about in order to achieve happiness in this life and forever. To start, a little about the Fall of Adam. Adam and Eve were commanded not to partake of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Ultimately, they chose to partake of the fruit so that man could populate and replenish the earth. They were cast out of the presence of God and were made mortal. Two things happened Men are now mortal and subject to death and separation of the body from the spirit, and men is no longer in the presence of God and so sin entered the world. In short 1- Physical Death 2- Sin We believe the purpose of life is to obtain a body and return to live with God forever. We cannot receive all the blessings God has to offer us if we die and if we are sinful. Now enters Jesus Christ. Being a perfect being with the very powers of God, he was able to suffer the pains of the world and take our sins upon him. This is what is called the Atonement. He was crucified and resurrected 3 days later. 2 things happened when Christ did this First he broke the bands of death and made it so all mankind would one day reunite with their perfect bodies, and second he made it so all mankind could repent and be purified of sin. In short 1- solved for death 2- solved for sin We are all promised a resurrected, perfect body. We must repent to be purified by Jesus Christ and live with God. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Here is what it comes down to: God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He has always called prophets in each gospel dispensation to teach the people. When the people became wicked, prophets were withdrawn from the earth and then called again when the time was right. This is repeated over, and over, and over in the Bible. When Christ and his apostles had left the earth it would only make sense God would call yet another prophet in due time. What evidence do we have? The Bible. Heavenly Father will always have a prophet to guide his people. It is important to understand that the Bible teaches us truth, but the Bible was written by prophets and prophets came BEFORE the Bible. It is simply a record. It is the same with the Book of Mormon, it is a record of prophets and Jesus Christ. They both teach truth. The Bible had to undergo a series of translations and alterations subject to the mistakes of men. Many corrupt people intentionally changed the interpretation of the teachings for personal gain. The original Church Christ had established had been lost because no prophet remained to guide the people. The Restoration was necessary to restore a prophet, along with all the priesthood authority a prophet holds, to the earth. If there is not a modern day prophet on the earth, then we are not being guided by our Heavenly Father, but by the precepts and interpretations of men only. Put your trust in God and his prophets over men. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Why shouldn't I? Prophets have always been the ones who directed the path towards Jesus Christ. Consider the Bible for a moment, because the Bible is a compilation of teachings from prophets in the Old and New testament. It is an inspired book because the writings were from inspired men. It is prophets who taught us of the sacred ordinances such as Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Without prophets we would know nothing of Jesus Christ, his Atonement, or how to live in accordance with the commandments of God. Heavenly Father has always called prophets to guide his church starting with Adam. Every dispensation would go through a cycle where the people are righteous, receive blessings, become wicked, the prophet is imprisioned/killed/leaves, a new prophet is called, the people become righteous once more. Our Savior came to the earth and fulfilled the prophecies concerning the Atonement. Once again, the people were so wicked they even crucified Him. It stands to reason that God would call another prophet in due time to continue guiding us. Amos 3:7 teaches us that it is through the prophets we can know the will of God concerning his commandments. How can you know that the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth? There would be a prophet called to be the head of it. That is always how it has been and God is the same. Joseph Smith was called to be the prophet of the Restoration and today Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Show more Show less