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Hi I'm Nanette

I'm from NJ. My parents are from Egypt and Germany. I'm a musician, I love aviation, and I'm a black belt in Karate. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm married to a wonderful man who loves me! We've been married for 23 years now, and counting. Together we raised a son from his first marriage, and he's all grown up now. I wanted to have children of my own but we were unsuccessful. I graduated college with a degree in music education. I play trumpet and violin, taught band and strings in elementary school, and currently conduct and play in my Alumni wind Symphony. I also work with my husband in his Aviation Art organiation as the executive secretary- It's nice to support him in his hobbies, as he supports me in mine! And I love to read and write fantasy! I'm working on a fantasy novel myself, one that teaches good and evil to children and is based on the gospel. It's an exciting project that has me on fire! My dad is from Egypt and my mom is from Germany. I haven't been to Germany, but I've been to Egypt many times, and I have family there right now. I love them very much and worry about them as the region is very unstable at the moment. They are Chrsitians in Egypt, and they are persecuted for their faith. I can relate to that as you will read later on...

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a convert since 1989. I look back and see how God's hand has played such a role in guiding me to the church the way he did, in his own time and his own way. Here is my story. When I was 8 years old I asked too many questions in Sunday School in my former church, ones that no one felt comfortable answering, like, "My best friend is Jewish - what will happen to her when she dies?" "What will happen to all the people in the jungles of South America, who never get a chance to hear about Jesus Christ?" I must have shocked my teachers, with such profound questions at such a young age, but regardless, the answers they gave me were of no comfort. I knew in my heart that a loving God would not bar his children from Heaven just because they did not have the chance to learn of Jesus Christ and be baptized. So I kept my mouth shut and focused on what I did know, that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. When I grew older I met a friend who told me about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I felt a burning in my heart that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the book was true, but as a teenager, I never pursed it. It was later when I got married that the missionaries came knocking on our door when we lived in Japan that all the answers finally came. I revisited my feelings about the church when they taught the gospel to me. To my delight, they had the answers to my childhood questions that my former church could not answer. I knew God had a plan for all of his children, that he would not condemn those who never heard about his Son or those who never got to accept his gospel. I read the Book of Mormon, and I feasted on its words. I wanted to know everything about this reliegion, and the missionaries taught the restored truths of Christ's true doctrine. But what I loved the most about them was their advice "Don't take our word, pray about it yourself." So I did and I received that same burning in my heart that this church is true - It's the one I had been looking for since childhood!

How I live my faith

So I got baptized and jumped right in to this new church! And believe me, there is so much to do as a member, you will never find yourself lacking in how to live your faith! We are not a "Sunday only" church! I've been a cub scout den leader, choir director, camp director, music leader for children, leader and teacher for the women's group, leader for the teenage girls' group, and I hope to keep teaching the gospel in whatever capacity I can! I helped my stepson with scouting all the way to the rank of Eagle Scout. The church is very supportive of the Boy Scouts of America. My husband did not join the church when I did, because he doesn't believe in God, but he supports me in what I do. It's hard at times, but I know he is a wonderful man, one of the finest men in the world, and I have faith he will join me one day. He just needs to know that God loves him and has a plan for him, and I need to remember that Heavenly Fahter's plan in involves a Heavenly timetable, one that I'm not able to control. But when I remember that God is perfect, with perfect love, I can be still and know that everything will work out as it is supposed to! The hardest part about living my faith is that my immediate family (aside from my husband) disapproved of my decision to join. They feel threatened by my religion. Some of them have persecuted me and will not allow me to talk about my love for the church in front of their children. It hurts terribly, but it has not shook my faith. I know one day the truthfullness of the gospel will come to them too, and then I will be there to fill in the rest. I praise God every day for the testimony I have, and the strength it gives me to carry on. My stepson and I are still the only members of the church in our family, but I have faith that we will all sit down in Heaven together. In the meantime, I try my best to be faithfl, to attend church regularly, and to attend the temple where I feel God's love closest of all.