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Hi I'm Ken

I grew up in Hawaii. My first love was the ocean. I'm passionate about my photography and working with youth. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I like to create stuff. Like a gourmet meal for my wife and three kids from the leftovers in the fridge. Or a stunning image of a blossom from our cherry tree in the spring. Or a uniquely comical Christmas card with our heads pasted over snowman bodies that friends and family enjoy! I was extremely shy and introverted until I came to know that I'm a child of God with great potential. Now I'm motivated to make a fool of myself entertaining cub scouts in a pack meeting, inspiring colleagues at a company sales seminar, or instructing teens how to execute highly skilled maneuvers required to become safe drivers. I am fascinated by the beauty of the earth, the way light plays off our physical world giving form, texture and color presenting a feast for the eyes! I am content to sit and watch waves, or clouds, or even a campfire burn and breathe with the rhythms of life that are common to all of creation. What a joy it is to have eyes that can see!

Why I am a Mormon

By the time I had graduated from college I had sampled much of what the culture of the time promoted, all the worldly things that bring "happiness", most of which I discovered was superficial. Though I was open to things that could prove meaningful to me, I was not searching for life's purpose, nor did I think religion was the answer! I befriended someone who impressed me with their high moral standards, things I deep down believed in but never saw anyone live up to. I was eventually led to a group of friends with the same standards who were all members of the "Mormon" church. I had heard good and bad things about such people, but I really held no opinion, other than what I now saw...and I liked it! I asked lots of questions, met two missionaries, and when I heard their explanation of the purpose of life, why we are here, where we came from and where we are going I was gripped by the implications and a desire to know if it was true. So I began my search for truth. My father taught me the scientific method for proving theories, test before you trust. Through that process I had come to know that the Bible was the word of God, by study, prayer and obedience to its principles. The missionaries gave me a Book of Mormon and in the 32nd chapter of Alma I found the same process laid out in detail. I put it to the test and experienced the same results I had with the Bible, spiritual and material confirmations that my communications directed to God were being answered! I knew it and could not deny it! I now had a decision to make, follow that worldly call of the culture of my day, or enter into a world of promise and meaning. I exercised faith by following my Savior's example and being baptized and confirmed a member of his restored church, and as often as I've taken action to obey His words I have continued to have spiritual and material confirmation that I have chosen well. I have the confidence, born of experience, that this is the Lord's true church!

How I live my faith

As soon as my Church leaders would allow it I wanted to serve a mission, but many well meaning members counseled that I should settle down and start my own family. My parents who are not members said I was jeopardizing my career. I knew from fasting and praying that God wanted me to serve so my choice was already set. Personal experience seeking out and determining God's will has taught me that obedience opens up great opportunities. My mission schooled me in many things I would use later in my life. Knocking door to door prepared me for a career that has allowed me to courageously call on over ten thousand clients to date encouraging them to be involved in legislation affecting their communities. Involvement with the Boy Scouts gave me my first scouting experiences as an adult leader, and the responsibility to instill good principles outside of a religious setting. I'm now serving in the young men's programs of the church and rubbing shoulders with the youth has transfered well to my current career as a drive instructor teaching teenagers in class and behind the wheel. Helping young people grow and gain confidence in themselves as a child of God with great potential is very rewarding to me.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Speaking from my personal experience, once I sincerely wanted to know God, my humility was sufficient enough for God then to put in place the people and things that would lead me to him. From the scriptures I learned to pray and obey his commandments. God then gradually revealed himself to me through personal revelation and answers to prayer. Show more Show less