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Hi I'm Andy

I love family, friends, movies, music, and having a camera in my hands. And yep, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

First, I have been blessed with the best family ever. My two best friends happen to be my parents and i share a similar bond with my older brother, two older sisters and their spouses. I also love the three studly grandsons who have come to our family. I am the "baby" of the family so of course I have been accused of being the "favorite" child which my parents deny, but i won't. Haha. I love my family and the happiness that comes from within it. I was raised in what to me, is an almost perfect setting. I grew up on a small ranch outside a small Wyoming town. I learned to work and love the outdoors. Over the years and after spending time in the mountains around my home I grew to appreciate the beauty of the earth. I think this initially led to my love for photography and film. My main interest growing up was in film making and photography. I love to look at things and try to capture them on film in a way that may not appear to the naked eye. I love to tell a good story and try to represent my emotions through the medium of film. I love any music that connects to my heart in one way or another. I love my friends and had a lot of fun growing up, but not "too much" fun. I had a great experience in school and now I am living the dream serving as a missionary in the wonderful state of North Carolina. Life is good.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised Mormon and feel that has been one of the fundamental blessings in my life. My testimony has always been centered first and foremost in Jesus Christ and His atonement for my sins and mistakes. I was not perfect growing up (and still continue to be imperfect bytheway ), but I always knew that when I did make mistakes, there was a hand of grace and mercy extended to me. The hand of the Savior. The key elements of my testimony of Christ are two books. The Bible, and the Book of Mormon. I have received a witness from the Holy Ghost that both of these records of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are true. I know because of the Bible that God has promised his children that they can return to live with him if they follow his son Jesus Christ. I know from the Book of Mormon that he made similar promises to another Christian civilization in the ancient Americas. I also know because of the Book of Mormon that Christ has re-established His Truth, His Church, and His Authority upon the earth today. I am a Mormon because I know that God and Christ live today and have laid the words of prophets before us so that we may know the only way to return to the presence of God after this life, and because I know there are prophets on the Earth today. I have learned this truth through study, prayer and application of the teachings in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The assurance of this truth has come from the joy and peace that have come into my life as i have obeyed these teachings, and experienced an increased desire to follow Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

Well first, I try to find reasons everyday to be happy, but the biggest way i live my faith is by serving as a missionary. I recently returned from serving in North Carolina for two years as a missionary and representative of Christ. That experience has truly shown me the truth of the Gospel of Christ and has helped me come to know him on a personal level. I think of that experience everyday and although I no longer serve full-time, I try to live my life remembering that i still represent the Savior by my thoughts, words and deeds. I also live my faith by excersizing faith in the Savior, trying to live the commandments, repenting when I make mistakes and always trying to do better. I believe that living the Gospel is an everyday effort of choosing to follow the Savior Jesus Christ.