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Hi I'm Miguel Teixeira

I'm European. I speak fluent Japanese. I'm a resident physician at the Mayo Clinic. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal and grew up throughout Europe. I graduated from high school in Germany, and moved to England to study at my dream school, Imperial College of Medicine. After completing a successful year at Imperial I realized my school was not willing to grant me leave of absence to serve a mission. I could not hide the devastation I felt when the dean of the medical school told me I could not return. An excruciating emptiness filled me. In my small apartment behind the old Brompton cathedral, I sat on my bed and gazed at my white coat. It was in that small room that I examined my life and the relationship I had with my Saviour, Jesus Christ. In that quite moment in busy London, I knew what mattered most in my life. I'm grateful Heavenly Father gave me peace amidst so much personal turmoil. I felt His love for me and I wanted to share my faith with those looking for Him, as a full-time missionary. After my mission to Japan I continued medical school in the US. I am now an Internal Medicine Resident-Physician at the Mayo Clinic. Medicine is filled with complex intellectual puzzles, and yet it is so human and simple. I love interacting with patients and empowering them with knowledge as they make life altering decisions. I met my wife skiing on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains. She is my dearest friend. We have been blessed with a charming girl and are expecting a baby boy. I love being a father. Our daughter helps me understand what God must feel for us.

Why I am a Mormon

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was only granted permission to be established in Portugal after the bloodless coup in April 1974. My father came from a deeply Catholic family in the North of Portugal. His family met the missionaries when he was 16. Dad gave up ping-pong as National Champion because games were on Sunday, and my great-grandparents sold their Port wine vineyards after their baptism. My father's conversion is a very personal one. I am always touched as he recounts his experience with reading the Book of Mormon and as he sincerely prayed to God about its veracity. My mother grew up in Africa. Her father worked as the director for a prominent bank in the old Portuguese Colony, Angola. Grandfather was agnostic and somewhat opposed to organized religion. After Angola's independence and civil war my mother's family was forced to leave the country. Her family lost all of their possessions in one day, including their houses, boat, cars and savings. The family was separated for a year and finally reunited in Lisbon when Grandfather found a new job and bought a small apartment. It was then that the missionaries knocked on their door and introduced my mother's family to the gospel. My grandfather was touched by the message of the restoration and the plan of salvation. He found purpose and meaning to his life as he read all of the Book of Mormon, the entire Bible and other books from the Church. He was baptized and his family followed his example. Learning about my parents' conversion story and seeing how they live the gospel prompted me to find out for myself. I'm a Mormon because my parents inspired me to learn and believe. I'm Mormon because as I began living the teachings of the restored gospel I too began feeling they were true.

How I live my faith

Having lived all of around the world I have had the opportunity to meet many different kinds of fellow church members. Some were rich, others were poor; some had doctorates and others could not read. I worshiped in LDS churches with congregations that met in a rented room with a handful of people as well as in majestic buildings with hundreds of members. I have always been impressed with how much we have to learn from each other. I love seeing people off all kinds of different backgrounds come together. In my church I see how the gospel of Jesus Christ can unite people for good and I love being a part of it. At church I come closer to God, because I realize it is not only a place to receive, but also I place where I can give. My faith, however, is so much more than church attendance. The teachings found in the restored gospel guide my everyday decision making. The knowledge I have of who God is and what my relationship with Him is empowers me. I feel close to Him as I pray and study His Word. I also feel God is mindful of us when I am in the midst of nature, when I listen to a good symphony, when I study biochemistry or when I am teaching. God truly is with us. I have noticed my faith also propels me to serve and to care for others. Jesus Christ's example and His revolutionary gospel motivate me to do better, to be kinder, to be more forgiving, more patient, more loving, more humble, more accepting of others, and more disciplined.