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Hi I'm Josh

I'm a quantum physicist, a silly Daddy, an obnoxious husband, a reluctant Democrat, and an unrepentant Mormon.

About Me

Let's see... about me.... I'm no one particularly interesting. I dated my sister's roommate in college. Somehow, I convinced her to marry me just before I started grad school. We had two kids before I finished. When I graduated a couple of years ago with my Ph.D. in Physics, I was lucky enough, in this economy to find a job that I love. I study quantum effects in superconducting circuits. I basically get paid to play. It's great. Since I graduated, we've had a third kid. He is cute, and brilliant, and impish, just like his brothers. So that's me. Like I said, not particularly interesting. No heroic inspirational story like you see on some of the videos; no great claim to fame. And yet, when I look at my life, I can't help feeling like I've been blessed much more than I probably deserve.

Why I am a Mormon

Well, I grew up as a Mormon, but that doesn't really tell you very much. I think if a person just sticks with a religion because that's what his/her parents did then it becomes more of a tradition than a religion. Mormonism, to me, is not just tradition. It is real and vibrant and alive. Jesus, to me, isn't just a prophet who lived two thousand years ago. He is my Savior. He is a close personal friend who is intimately interested in the details of my life. My church is not just a thing I do for a few hours on Sunday. It is motivating, ennobling force that influences every part of my life. Mormonism gives a higher perspective to my life. I see my wife, not only as the beautiful woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with, but as my companion in a grand eternal adventure. My kids are not only my children, but God's children too. And that jerk that just cut me off on my drive home, he's one of God's children too. Having this perspective helps me to live my life in a way that makes me happy-- much happier than I can imagine being without it. That is why I am a Mormon. That is why I will raise my kids Mormon, as my parents raised me.

How I live my faith

Brigham Young once said "In a word, if Mormonism is not my life, I do not know that I have any. I do not understand anything else, for it embraces everything that comes within the range of the understanding of man. If it does not circumscribe every thing that is in heaven and on earth, it is not what it purports to be." This is how I feel. It's hard to point to a specific example of how I live my faith, because my faith is an integral part of everything in my life. As a father, I try to teach my kids of Jesus and His gospel. I try to be an example to them so that they'll want to be like Him. As a husband, I honor and respect my wife more so than any other person, as my religion teaches me. As an employee I try to be honest and work hard, as I think that's what the Lord expects of me. As a student, I study not just for knowledge's sake, but because by learning more about the world God has made, I learn more about God. As a citizen, I try to vote for candidates and policies that I think are most in line with the Savior's teachings. (No, actually that means I'm a Democrat.) As a neighbor, I try to be kind and try not to judge. I assume people are trying their best, just like I am.