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Hi I'm Melissa

I was born and raised in Southern California. I am a married mother of two young daughters. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Before I became a stay-at-home mom, I taught first grade. I love teaching whether it be children or adults. My two most important students are my daughters both of whom I help with homework and school projects. I try to work in their classrooms whenever I can. My girls are the joy of my life. Our little family loves camping whether at the beach or in the mountains. My girls and I often travel in the summer to visit our extended family who have moved away. I sing in a community choir, play the flute and teach 4-year-olds at church. I love scrapbooking, blogging and working on family history, the latter of which I just started for the first time in my life. I read voraciously and love young adult fiction. I also read non-fiction and am interested in improving myself and enhancing my marriage and other relationships. I grew up in a dysfunctional family and entered adulthood missing many of the skills needed to have healthy relationships. I have learned a lot and continue to learn all the time. I'm not sure that we are ever done learning! One of the skills that I have is the ability to organize, whether it be space, time or information. I would have to say that my biggest challenge with this is applying what I know to my own life! It is far easier for me to look at someone else's home or schedule and provide tips for improvement than it is for me to do this for myself. I don't know why that is, but I will keep working on it until I figure it out.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents joined the Mormon church when I was seven years old. By the time I was twelve years old, both of my parents were only partially active. My sister and I attended our church meetings every week by ourselves. As adults we have looked back and wondered about our ability to do that. We both concluded that we knew that our church meetings were a constant, healthy thing in our dysfunctional lives. We continued faithful and were both married in the LDS temple. I have never doubted the gospel or teachings of the LDS church. As I entered adulthood, I self-questioned my beliefs to make sure that I was not just going to church out of habit or because my parents had chosen this religion. But I knew that the gospel of Jesus Christ was true, and I knew that what I had been taught was right. Being a Mormon has always meant something to me, and I have lived the standards of the church. After becoming a mom, the church has meant more to me than ever. The organization of the church and the ability to have my children instructed both at home and at church is invaluable as there isn't enough time to teach them all I want them to know. I also value that my girls learn about the Savior and his ministry. We read scriptures, discuss doctrinal topics and have a weekly family night. We attend church every week, but we live the gospel every day. My girls are now aware of the many voices in the world that speak to them, and I am happy that we are anchored in the gospel. Why this church and not another? There is no other church organized in the way that the LDS church is. It is the same church that Christ established when he was here on the earth. It is His church. After the years of apostasy and darkness, Christ's church was restored by Joseph Smith, the prophet that the Lord chose to bring back His church. The organization of the church from a prophet and twelve apostles down is the same, and every aspect of the LDS/Mormon church makes sense to me.

How I live my faith

My family attends church weekly. I have a calling teaching the 4-year-old class in Primary, the children's group that spans the ages of 18 months to 11 years. We all attend our Sacrament meeting where we renew our covenants made at baptism by taking the sacrament, and also listen to speakers who have been assigned gospel topics. We also attend a Sunday School hour and a third hour directed at our individual gender and age groups. In addition to Sunday meetings, my daughters have Activity Days twice a month where they meet with girls in their 8 - 11 year-old age group and an advisor who plans activities centered around goals that improve homemaking skills, teaching skills, and their knowledge of gospel principles such as service. We pray daily in our family both individually and together. We also hold weekly family home evenings where we have gospel centered lessons and/or plan fun activities to do together. Personally, I am aware of the things I believe in and my promise to represent the Savior in my daily life. I follow the Commandments and live the standards of the church. I try to live my life as an example in all I do. I have never considered being LDS as a once-a-week attendance at church. Living the gospel is a way of life and has become a part of me that I cannot separate. I make mistakes and have many things in my life that I can improve on. This life is not so much about being perfect, but about becoming perfect or the best we can possibly be. I believe in repentance and forgiveness and am daily grateful that my Father in Heaven lets me keep trying. I am also grateful on a daily basis for the Savior's Atonement. Without the Atonement, there would be no way to return to our Heavenly Father. I teach my girls what I know and try to find ways during the day to point out gospel principles such as kindness, compassion and forgiveness. It is not hard for me to live as I do because I love my Father in Heaven and my Savior with all my heart.