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Hi I'm Nancy

I have always known that I'm "an artist". I am also a Mormon.

About Me

I have always known that I'm "an artist"... I began painting as a child with oil paints my grandmother gave to me, always working to make my paintings look "real", and have been painting ever since! I am now nearly 65, having been a professional for nearly 50 years. My body of work includes wildlife, horses, and the Lamb & Lion theme - one entitled "Without Any Ire" hangs in the LDS MUSEUM OF CHURCH HISTORY AND ART. After a number of years "break" I am again painting people...images from the Savior's life, also portraits of children & young women. Some years ago I decided to paint only left handed-I'm normally right handed-which opened up a bold new style which I greatly enjoy doing! I now choose to use either hand/style as suits each painting. I enjoy concocting new and unusual recipies which has evolved into a career as a FOOD FORMULATOR specializing in sugar-free/gluten-free foods...cookies, tortillas, fiber drinks etc. I have a passion for this work and desire to help others by making healthier choices available. I enjoy writing, and keep a DAILY JOURNAL of my scripture studies using dictionaries, LDS cross-references, and church archives on line which greatly increases my understanding and enjoyment! I owe my love of words to my dad. I have found that my capacity for joy and ability to create are truly enhanced through this daily exersize. My husband and I share one fine son and 2 lovely daughters, along with a small flock of bright and fluffy grandchildren.

Why I am a Mormon

Although raised in an LDS home, I became disaffected in my teens and launched into stubborn rebellion. I could not stand to have anything "religious" to be said to me or I would turn in anger and walk away. How very sad... through a series of unfortunate circumstances, I had come to disbelief in the existance of a living and loving God. I had lost my deep and tender childhood testimony! After several unhappy & lonely years, I was befriended-in my early 20's-by an older Mormon couple, and ended being commissioned by them to do a painting of Joseph Smith's "first vision"- I also taught private art lessons to the kind lady for a couple of years. Neither of these good people ever mentioned God or Gospel...or made me feel less than valued and totally accepted just as I was. One day while I was teaching her how to paint a still life of red apples, I unexpectedly began to weep. "Oh!" I cried, "I feel no hope! I am so lost!" My heart felt as if it were actually breaking! In a gentle way she comforted me, and as soon as the tears subsided she gave me a hug, and with a quick smile said "Oh Nancy. I'm not worried about you-you'll be just fine! Now...how do I mix up that red color again?" Then something occured that changed my life...a profound dream I had shortly thereafter. In this dream the Savior Jesus Christ had returned and was actually in my own neighborhood! This dream was so vivid, and is still so real to this day, that I can re-experience the same depth of feeling and see it all again as if on "Blueray", even after so many years! I awoke upon a pillow soaked with tears. I also awoke unto a deeply etched yearning to be in His presence again-as I had experienced in my dream-no matter what! And so began my personal journey back into the fold of the Gospel through an awakened desire to be obedient, to make promises to God and to follow his Son with all my heart, might, mind and strength! Even small efforts yield blessings and makes me so very glad to be a Mormon!

How I live my faith

My spouse and I are both active in this most interesting church. He became a member at 18 and went on a mission to Japan shortly thereafter. He is my loyal friend, protector, wise councilor, and "fixer". I am so grateful that he loved me enough to want to marry me and put up with me, not just for this life, but forever! I never thought anyone would want me-with all my faults-so very much. It is going to be such an adventure living with him for all eternity, for he is, besides being handsome, a most creative and interesting person. And - he makes me laugh! I enjoy the fellowship of our WARD FAMILY. I need never feel alone with so many great brothers & sisters....each one of them unique. I depend upon the renewing power of the SACRAMENT. Every sunday as I partake of the bread and water-blessed by Priesthood authority- my hope is refreshed and my life realigned. I learn so much through attending various CHURCH CLASSES, and sometimes teaching as well. Through the women's organization-the Relief Society-I gain knowledge and practical skills to help with both family and personal matters, as well as a chance to participate in various service opportunities. I love to pay TITHING as my "thank you" to a most generous God. As I offer tithes in gratitude, I experience a variety of rich rewards, the best being a feeling of "rightness" and peace. My offerings seem a small token indeed, but I love to do what I am able to do! By daily feasting on the SCRIPTURES, especially by cross-referencing the Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine & Covenants all together, my mind expands so that passages that seemed obscure become crystal clear and my questions are answered! I keep a journal of these feelings and insights to pass on to my children/grandchildren so they will know who I am and what is important to me. Through accepting such reliable resources I learn to follow GOSPEL PRINCIPLES and thus gain direction, strength, a more peaceful life...and joy!