Barry: college professor, family man, off-road riding, recumbent bicycle, Mormon.

Hi I'm Barry

About Me

I love family get-togethers. Our family and grandchildren all live within 50 minutes, so it happens pretty often, which is great. I love teaching about engineering, particularly electronics. I love to ride 4-wheelers and motorcycles, and in my state, there are many places to do that, some amazingly beautiful. I have a recumbent bicycle I like to ride - so much more comfortable than the regular kind. I haven't been on any long rides yet - just 10 miles or less - but I ride it to work often (2½ miles). I enjoy public speaking, creme brulee, homemade ice cream, basketball, ultimate, and scenic hikes. I enjoy reading historical books and watching historical movies; I also teach a class about history.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have studied MANY religions, and there is a very distinct difference in the Mormon faith. I know there is a God, that Jesus Christ is His Son, and that the Holy Ghost is real. I know these members of the Godhead love us, care about us, and want to help us, and I know we can learn to hear their promptings. I have experienced this literally thousands of times, and it ALWAYS is a great blessing in my life. I study quite a bit, both for my profession and for my religion. I know quite a bit about my religion and how it compares to most others, and I find it thrilling to continue to learn. There are many voices in the world today, and I believe it is very, very important to know which voices are saying the most important and the most true things. I have learned that it is possible to sense much about this, and to see through the distortions of truth that surround our society today.

Personal Stories

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

I pray for the Lord's help in everything I do I feel it is essential to consistently seek His guidance, and I know that if I do, He will guide me. I love to thank Him for all His blessings - they are many, and are profoundly wonderful. I cannot pray without feeling gratitude for all He does and has done for me.

How I live my faith

Our local congregation of about 350 members is led by our bishop, assisted by two counselors. I'm one of those counselors. I've served as a bishop before, as well as a counselor, so it's not my first time. I greatly enjoy getting to know the great members of our congregation, and helping to make wonderful things happen in activities, meetings, talks, and planning meetings. I have moved several times, and each time I find it easy to make new friends because the members of all the congregations I have been in are so very friendly. My wife and I count wonderful friends in many of our previous congregations. I read the scriptures daily, including the Book of Mormon, the Bible, the other scriptures, and the writings of the modern prophets and apostles. I pray twice daily. I ask the Lord to bless every meal I partake of. I pray twice daily with my wife, as we did with our family when our children lived with us (they're all married now). We hold a weekly Family Home Evening every Monday, as we have for the 34 years we've been married. I believe that one of the most important things I can do is to earnestly strive to become more like Jesus Christ - more loving, kind, patient, tender, caring, helping, thoughtful, committed, pure, and forgiving, along with many other desirable character traits. I know that as I do this, it blesses my life and the lives of all those I interact with, and I love feeling that I'm growing to be a better person.