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Hi I'm Ben gamer-tag B3N8M3

I am a Mormon. But I’m the antithesis of a typical Mormon. Heavy Metal, Video Games and Mixed Martial Arts, oh my. Are we ready?!

About Me

I am a 6’2, 250lb Metal Head who loves to mosh and has scars to prove it. I currently listen to Kill Switch Engage, Lamb of God and Devil Driver.I am also a proud Geek, from Comic Books to Video Games,Sci-Fi, play D&D, and yes, my gamer tag is l33t (b3n8m3). I am Married to the most BEAUTIFUL 6 ft brunette, with 2 girls ages 3 &6, I am the oldest of 8 siblings and love my family!!!!! I am definitely a family person. I am an Eagle Scout and love camping, rock climbing, scuba diving, and hiking. I am a Floridian so the Beach and Motorcycles are in my blood. From Dirt Biking Yamaha YZ500 to Choppers, I love to ride. I love to cook food so freaking much! Due to the fact that my mother can’t cook to save her life love you mom, I picked up a very discerning palette, a culinary mindset and a nose for ingredients. While I love to learn, I am not by any means intelligent. I’m just an educated jock. I spent 5 years playing Football and have the torn ACL’s in my knees and Compressed Discs in my back. I have trained in Krav Maga, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. I am a HUGE fan of MMA and fallow it religiously. I love to work out and go running as well. I also like Pro-Wrestling. Sue me.

Why I am a Mormon

Last but not least, like I said, I am a Mormon. I served 2 years in the Washington-Tacoma mission and, as cliché as it is; it was the best 2 years of my life. I have also spent plenty of hard time sinning and repenting in my past so I am experienced on “both sides of the fence". I currently study Philosophy and Theology, a long time hobby of mine. I have a difficult time with blind faith. I need to know. I do not belive what people tell me exclusively. I gather knowledge and apply wisdom and make sense of it as best I can. Through out all time god has called Prophets and Apostles so that we may recive his word. He has never neglected his children. Why would he start now? only 2 churches claim exclusivly devine revelation. Catholicism and Latter Day Saints. And with the pagan rituals mingled and blatant coruption of early doctrine amongst Catholicism, the Mormon religion is my conclusion to be Gods Kingdom on Earth

How I live my faith

It aint easy. Let me tell you what. I miss my vices. But when you believe in and love something enough, you don't let anything get in your way and you spend your dying breath to support it. that's one thing being married has tough me. I love the scriptures . . . maybe a little too much. I love to debate and question doctrine. not out of doubt but out of a desire to learn. I challenge everything head on with faith. Sometimes that's the hardest part; Faith. God knows I've struggled with it. But diligence and obedience wins the day. And that I do believe.