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Hi I'm Taj! And iM a SiSta iN Zi0n..

I was c0nverted t0 the Church in March, baptized and c0nfirmed on Easter. I've never been happier, I l0ve being a m0rmon!

About Me

I'm 21 years of age, and me and my baby girl (10mos) were recently c0nverted t0 the Church. I have a str0ng testim0ny ab0ut The Church and im a wh0le new pers0n because 0f it. I have al0t m0re to offer to pe0ple because of my faith...I'm proud of being a M0rmon!!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because i know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and i've read the Book of Mormon and I bellieve with all my heart that it is true, and that D&C and the Book of Mormon is our modern day revelations. I have been to other churches before and haven't felt the Spirit stongly as i have felt being at the Church of Jesus Christ. Being a Mormon has taught me so much, the real meaning of living the gospel, prayer, and why the temples are important and also alot of other things it has taught me. Going to the Church changed my life, being baptized in the Church is one of the best decisions i've made for me and my daughter.

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday by reading my scriptures, being a great example, sharing the gospel whenever possible, participating in goodly activities and activities in the Church. Also since I was just sustatined this past Sunday for a calling within my ward, I also am apart of organizing events within my Church. I also live my faith by helping others in need, visiting my Grandma and helping her out whenever I can.

Are Mormons Christians?

Taj! And iM a SiSta iN Zi0n..
Yes we are. The w0rd "Mormon" is s0rt 0f a nickname the w0rld has given us. We are Christians that believe in the Bible (Old Testament and New Testament) AND the B00k 0f M0rm0n. We believe that the tw0 b00ks g0 hand in hand. We believe The b00k 0f m0rmon is a sec0nd Witness that Jesus Christ is The Savi0r. There are Christians that d0nt believe in the b00k 0f m0rm0n. Thats why people nickname us 'M0rm0ns'. The Church is actually called The Church 0f Jesus Christ 0f Latter-Day Saints... Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

Taj! And iM a SiSta iN Zi0n..
This is a great questi0n f0r me t0 answer, because this is s0mething that I used t0 struggle with when i was new t0 The Church!! The truth is that plural marriage(polygamy) is n0t practiced in the Church t0day, and the Church d0esnt have anything t0 d0 with th0se wh0 are in polygamous relationships.But the practice 0f plural marriage is in The Church hist0ry... First 0ff.. a marriage is supp0se t0 be m0n0gamous unless its 0therwise c0mmanded by the L0rd. The Bible sh0ws that Abraham and 0ther 0f the L0rd's servants had m0re than 0ne wife(check 0ut Genesis 16:1–3; 29:23–30; 30:4, 9; Judges 8:30; 1 Samuel 1:1–2). There were specific purp0ses. 0ne reas0n the L0rd has given us written in The B00k 0f m0rm0n: “If I will, saith the Lord of Hosts, raise up seed unto me, I will command my people; otherwise they shall [have only one wife]” (Jacob 2:30) In 1831, after G0d revealed his d0ctrine 0f plural marriage to the Prophet J0seph Smith, and c0mmanded him t0 live it, he shared this d0ctrine t0 s0me cl0se ass0ciates, and eventually a small number 0f Church leaders entered int0 plural marriage. This lasted 0nly 50 years. During th0se years the US C0ngress enacted laws against plural marriage, and threatened t0 c0nfiscate church pr0perty and temples. In 1889, f0rmer President 0f the Church Wilf0rd W00druff prayed f0r guidance and was inspired by the L0rd to issue a document that officially ended the sanction of plural marriage by the Church. This d0cument is called the Manifest0 Show more Show less