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Hi I'm John boy

I am a country boy, traditional but very creative and open, I like travel, culture and adventure, I am a mormon.

About Me

I am the youngest of a large family, I left home at an early age to earn a living and find my way in life. I traveled the United States pretty much coast to coast, the US Virgin Islands as a RN, 5 countries in Europe as a dancer, Peru as an LDS missionary, and Canada as ranch hand on a dude ranch. I am also a father of a large family and well experienced in the art of adaptability and change. My wife and I have had many moves in our time together, (over 50) we have been business owners doing very well and experienced complete financial devastation with multiple assets to near nothing and backrupcy. If this wasn't trial enough we have survived the loss of our 12 your old daughter who has been and always be a special angel to us. I am an author 2 published works, I enjoy photography, music and the great outdoors. Among my careers have been telephone operator, newspaper boy, worker in potato warehouses, river rafter businessman, cosmotologist, radio disc-jockey, professional nurse, professional dancer, home care owner administrator, director of nursing, travel nurse, rancher, caterer, cook, janitor, business manager and probably a couple more. I know God has had part in the many miracles of my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into an LDS family who were for the most part inactive. I started my own gospel study as a result of feelings of isolation and lonliness. I didn't feel I fit in well with my family and there had been several fueds in the family that had created deep rifts among us. It was wanting to establish contact with an older sister that had been separated from our family for nearly 10 years that motivated me to pray for a miracle and find her. I made a promise to God that I would do all I could do to show him I would follow him and be faithful if He would answer this prayer for me. I began praying morning and night, I began a serious study of the scriptures, and I fasted for nearly 3 full days with out food or water while working outside in the hot fields of Hawaii at age 14. As I continued in my diligent efforts to read pray, fast, and dedicate myself to the Lord, this miracle, and many others since the Lord has granted me. I know God lives, I know His son is Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I know He hears and answers our prayers and I know He loves me. He loves you, we are not one above the other. The Holy Bible is true and the record of God, as is the Book of Mormon, there are modern prophets as there were ancient ones and God is the same yesterday, today, and forever and has provided opportunity for all to know that through the power of the Holy Ghost. I hope you, just as I have and continue to do, experiment on his promises with a seed of faith; that it will be revealed to you that the things I speak are true. I know if you seek, the answers will be opened unto you for these are Gods words, Gods promises, and I know, God doesn't lie.

How I live my faith

I continue to pray morning and night, at meal times with our children and my wife. We read an inspirational thought in the mornings and kneel in prayer. At night before bed, we read the scriptures, currently the New Testament as a family, we have family prayer, then my wife and I have a companionship prayer and then we have individual prayer. We encourage the children to read on thier own and to say thier own prayers. My grandmother use to tell me, "Prayer is the key to the day and the lock at night"; in essence it gives us the peace and security of knowing we are in Gods protection and whatever befalls us will be okay. I participate in church each week, sometimes I am asked to teach a lesson, give a talk, or say a prayer, some times I am just there to learn from what others have to share. We welcome the missionaries into our home for meals and participate in a family home evening once a week. We do other activities with the members of our church family, I strive to visit the homes of other members and be of help to other members in my community, at work or where ever I am. I try to keep my house clean, my body clean, and the yard around our home in good shape. I believe cleanliness is next to Godliness, that our bodies are created in His image and we have a duty to keep them clean and neat. I am honest in all my dealings to the best of my ability and seek to learn and improve upon my weaknesses and errors. I apologize when I am wrong, I repent of misddeds to allow the Saviors atonement to work in my behalf by doing the things he has asked me to do, his way. I know I can be pideful at times and recognize I must humble myself in order to follow Him. At the same time I maust stand for right even in face of opposition and unpopularity. I want to be a disciple of Christ, and as a member of His church, I promise to do my best at doing things HIS way.