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Hi I'm Meg

I love my little family of 3! I enjoy making soap and lotions, camping, yoga and reading. I am recovered from an eating disorder

About Me

My life is completely unrecognizable from where I was 8 years ago. God has blessed me and been with me in so many ways. I am amazed at where he has brought me. I have an amazing husband and 19 month old girl, named Mila, & we just found out were having another girl. I love having my own little family. Being a wife and mother, as challenging as it is, it has given me more purpose and love in my life. 8 years ago my life came tumbling down. I grew up as a gymnast, life was pretty care free and easy for me. I love my parents but I didn't get a lot of direction or guidance growing up. I was left on my own a lot to figure things out. This landed me in trouble, hanging out with the wrong people and not making the smartest choices. I ended up quitting gymnastics, shortly after my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me. At the time it felt like the worst thing in the world. I found comfort and self-esteem in another guy liking me and asking me out. Turns out he was manipulatively abusive, I was with him for 6 short months and it only took him that long to take the life out of me, and rip my self- worth and love of life to shreds. I developed and eating disorder. Shortly after this my parents divorced and I felt lied to, unloved, and angry. It's been a lot of work and not giving up but 8 years later I am NEW. My life is so blessed. I feel at peace and hopeful.Through the saviors atonement I have found hope and healing.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the Mormon church and remember having "good feelings" at church as a young child and I have so many good memories of the programs they have for children and youth. But it wasn't until my life was in shambles that I really gained my own strong conviction and belief of the Gospel. At age 18 I stopped going to church. I was in the depths of an Eating Disorder, my life in shambles, much like a drug addiction. It got to the point where I wanted a change, I didn't want to live in misery and darkness anymore. I turned to Christ for help. I believe that is the answer to any life question or challenge. I believe he wants to help, he wants to heal, he wants to forgive and that he loves us and wants us to be happy. The more I gave my life to him and tried to live my life the way he wanted me to the more he blessed me. He replaced hopelessness with hope, darkness with light, misery with happiness, self- hatred with love. As I read the scriptures I felt the words FEED my soul. Today I still strive to read everyday and will my entire life. That is how I know they are true. Living the principles of the Gospel has made me more at peace and happier than I have ever been, or knew I could be. That doesn't mean I don't struggle or go through hard times. Those things are necessary to learn and grow. But I have a deep reservoir of peace, understanding, and love no matter what life throws at me. I know that I need to gospel and my savior just like I need food and water. My soul craves it everyday. And the Gospel of Jesus Christ fills that need. Nothing else does. Overtime I have developed a personal relationship with God and my savior. I feel deep in my soul that they are real, that I knew them before I came to earth and that I will see them again. I feel them with me, helping me, teaching me and strengthening me. I cannot deny that. Just like I have never seen my heart but I know that it's beating.

How I live my faith

Family is central to God's plan for his children. My family has become the most important thing in my life. My relationship with my husband and my daughter are #1 to me. I believe that happiness found in family life can last for eternity. There is nothing as important as the relationships you have. I'm not perfect at it but i'm striving to be better. A lot of my time is taking care of my family. We have family prayer every morning and night, we read a little children's book of Mormon to our little girl before she goes to bed and she loves to pray. After we say amen she usually says "more prayers". We try to take time to enjoy things together and having fun together. We love camping. We also go to church every sunday. One night a week is devoted to spending time together. Also family dinners are important to us. Its the little things that keep a family strong. I also think friendship in family life is so important, I want our home to be a place where we can come and no we are loved and valued and feel peace and rest from the world. We also make sure that our music and media is wholesome. We try to take care of our bodies and teach our children that their bodies house their spirits and so it's important to care for them. We try to love others and be kind and loving and help those who need our help. We work hard to raise our family and try to be like christ in all we do and say. We also go to the temple often to gain spiritual strength and be reminded of why we are here on earth. All in all we just try to be good people and love those around us and love God and keep his commandments because we know that is what makes us happiest.