Barb: Mormon.

Hi I'm Barb

About Me

I am a family oriented person. I enjoy scrapbooking and being with my family. I like to talk to people bout anything. I also like to volunteer at the crisis line in my hometown. I enjoy helping others with problems or even if they just need someone to listen. I like to use the computer and chat with people online.

Why I am a Mormon

I choose to become a Mormon when 2 young men came to my home in a time of heavy crisis for me. I remember praying for help and asking the Lord why something so awful could happen to me. A few days later there was a knock at my door and their they stood. Asking to come in and talk to me about the Book of Mormon. I let them in and started learning what God wanted from me and how the awful thing that had happened was a stepping stone for me to learn the truth about Christ and his teachings. I liked what I was hearing and learning and started attending the church. I found that there are people out there that do not judge me and that they do care about me and what happens to me and for that I am grateful.

Personal Stories

What blessings have come through your faith in Jesus Christ?

My faith has brought my family closer together and given me a better understanding of who I am. My daughter and I are the only 2 in our family that are members of the church. My husband is not Mormon and I deal with that every day. Hopefully through faith and belief he will join.

How I live my faith

I was active in my community until I became home bound due to being overweight. I am trying to overcome this obstacle one day at a time. Right now I get my teaching at home because I am unable to go church. Right now I am not real active in the church due to my morbid obesity. I want most of all to become an active and productive member of the church.