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Hi I'm Dan Clayton

I build Governance and Control in Higher Education and Healthcare; focus on services-servant oriented leadership. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am best defined by the four children that I have been graced with. One like me, one like my wife and two to challenge us. They keep the home active, which I miss most when my family is away. My wife of 20 years has always been a great support. We make a good team. She teaches me to be bold and I help her with patience. We joke at times that the gender role is backwards with us. She loves cars, tools and home repair. She is my balance. I enjoy music, history, excercise and writing. When it comes to employment, I am one of the lucky few who loves my job. For 10 years I helped CHAN HEALTHCARE, which is a Catholic founded company serving Catholic and other Religious hospitals. They provide internal audit departments to 10% of the USA not for profit hospitals. I worked CHAN for 10 years building an innovative approach to audit, unmatched in our industry. Instead of focusing narrowly on financial and compliance audit, we audit against strategic and operational objectives. In April 2013 I decided to hang out my own shingle and start consulting. Later that year I began working with the University of Texas System in their Audit Function. I have also published a number of professional articles focused on building thought leadership around these topics. I also serve on an IIA International Committee and a UVU Advisory Board. I love giving back.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a Mormon family. Most of my ancestors were early Mormons. I grew up in a small Idaho town where most of us held the same values, so I was a bit sheltered. It wasn't until my teen years that I really wondered if I was a Mormon. It was touch and go there for awhile. However as I left for college, I realized that being on my own was what I was wanting and I continued to attend church and went on a mission for the church to French Polynesia. I always felt that Joseph Smiths story could be accurate if there was a God; and what the church taught was good. However, it was not until I was 27 or 28 that I started to see the fruit of living according to the commandments. It's almost as if God gave me the gift of insight at that time. I had highschool friends who were experience tough life lessons, and I saw how small choices that did not seem to matter had turned them toward the conflict they were facing. I also saw my protected path and how it had allowed me more options and protected me from some consequences. I felt free. Free of the sadness of a broken family, free of the guilt, and free to enjoy good health. My faith in God and His plan for me has grown substantially from that time. As I have expressed that faith in Him he has multiplied my blessings and I would have difficulty today denying His hand in any part of my life. Being Mormon to me is a way to respect the blessings God has for all His children. If I am in His path he will not only bless me, but he will use me to bless others which brings me pure happiness as well.

How I live my faith

I have been very active in local ward and served mostly in Administrative or Leadership roles. I have spent a lot of Sundays discussing the needs of families and making sure things run smoothly. However nothing compares to the time I get to spend helping someone that can't help themselves. A few years ago, I was suppose to be at meeting but had a stong feeling that one the the families I routinely visited needed me. It was a single mom of four kids. She had gone through a tough divorce and was having financial difficulties. When I knocked on her door that evening she had been on her knees praying and was in tears. Her car had broken down beyond repair that day and she had no money and no way to get to her job the following day. As she recounted her situation, the image of the statutue of Christ with no hands came to mind. I knew I needed to be His hands. I walked her out and showed her my old but reliable car and asked her if she could pay me anything for it. When she mention how desperate her finances were I told her I would be gald to give it to her. Going home that evening and realizing that God loved her so much that he had led me to bless her was a feeling difficult to describe. But that is what faith is all about. Being Christs hands on Earth.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Dan Clayton
To need for Christ to restore his church on earth is a little more personal to me. God loves us, so he has a plan for us. As His spirit children he sent us here to Earth to acquire a great gift - a physicial body. However to become like Him we must learn to control the physical appetites of this body within the limits God set. I believe those limits will provide us the opportunity to experience eternal joy when resurrected. However, God also gave a free will on this earth, so he must adjust His plan to the choices his children make. We have seen throughout the old testiment how many times God had to start over with a new profit and remind His children what they should be doing. In Jacob chepter 5 of the Book of Mormon God is compared to a garderner. The restoration of His gospel to Joseph Smith is a pruning and expansion of the garden in preparation for these final times. Show more Show less