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Hi I'm Heather.

I'm a wife and the mother of two sweet little girls. I love being active and outdoors. I love learning and laughing. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a wife who's good at cleaning but not cooking. I'm always trying to figure out the kitchen, but it's slow going. My husband is, luckily, very good at cooking. He's very good at a lot of things and I'm very good at cheering him on. I love playing and moving. Running, biking, hiking, anything with a ball, I love it all. I love nature and beautiful places. We have two awesome little girls who are always challenging me to be better. My favorite sound is their laughter. I'm thinking of home schooling them. I love learning. Though, I'm trying to be more of a directed learner. I'm too much of a meanderer. I want to be a professional student, but in a positive way, not in a "It took you HOW long to earn a bachelors degree?" kind of way. You know what, I'm not good on paper. There's nothing really stand-out about me. I've never been good at sitting still, so I'm always doing something. But all the doing that I've done hasn't created a "did" that people can wide-eyed and mouthed say "wow" or "interesting" about. I guess the thing that really stands out about me the most, the thing that people would remember about me after being with me (this is an educated guess based on comments I've received from loads of people throughout my life) is that I'm happy. I'm just really happy. Happy's good at being; but happy's not good on paper.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) because it's the source of my happiness. My happiness comes from an inner peace, a knowledge that I'm living in accordance with eternal principles, absolute truths; a knowledge that I am a child of a loving Heavenly Father; a knowledge that, through Jesus Christ, I can change and I am able to be with my family forever. The principles of the gospel are what guide my life decisions. When I was younger, the decisions were seemingly small, like do I make fun of this person like everybody else or should I allow harmful and potentially addictive substances into my body? With time, obviously big decisions came, like what should I do with my life and who, if at all, should I marry? Every decision carries a consequence, something we can't decide. I'm constantly comforted by the knowledge that, big or (seemingly) small, I have a Father who cares and wants to help me. He's given us scriptures, modern-day prophets like Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson, and prayer--a source for personal revelation. He helps us before we make a decision and even (maybe especially) after we've decided badly. Those moments when I know I'm living contrary to what I know is right and true are not happy ones. I feel apart from myself, confused, anxious, uncomfortable... These feelings inevitably bring me back to a remembrance of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that through the atonement of Christ, I have been provided for. There is hope. I can repent. I can become more than I am.

How I live my faith

The affect the gospel has on my life can most directly be seen in how I behave in my personal life and the way I treat others. I try to get enough sleep, eat right, exercise, and keep myself clean so that I feel healthy and more able to live. I try to keep my family's spending well within our means so that we feel the freedom of choice rather than the burden debt. I try to filter what comes into our home so that we are only exposed to those things that uplift and enlighten. Basically, I TRY to keep out of my life those things that cause me to focus inwardly and take into my life those things that edify so that I can happily and more capably look outwardly. Participating at church gives me a lot of opportunity to notice, help, and draw closer to those around me. For example, there are four women in my ward (congregation) that another woman and I have been asked to visit with at least once a month so that I can see how they're doing, take care of any needs they might have, and (mostly) strengthen them and be strengthened by them so that we can all face the responsibilities and challenges that we have. Two woman have also been asked to visit with me. There have been times in my life where I was really struggling and didn't feel like I had anything to give. I needed to be nurtured and buoyed up and the women who visit me and those that I visit gave me so much hope and assistance. In just little ways mostly, like providing boxes and cleaning when I was moving or bringing meals and hand-me-downs when I had babies or just letting me know that I can do hard things and reminding me in whom I have trusted--the Savior. I'm out of my little pit of despair now and find opportunities to bring meals to other women in need or to do yard work for some older women or to just be a listening ear. The Church is organized in such a way that those who need help get it, and I'm so grateful for the help I was given and the for the help I can give.