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Hi I'm Brandi

I'm a writer. I'm a football fanatic. I'm a Make-Up Artist. I'm a New Yorker. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 25 years old. I was born in Upstate New York to two wonderful parents. I had a great childhood filled with sports, family outings, adventures and unconditional love. At 17 I finished high school and moved to Salt Lake City, UT to attend the college and majored in World Literature. I love cooking, reading, football, makeup artistry, writing and photography. I'm your existential girl next door. I have an amazing family, and good friends. I treasure a good sense of humor. I love palm trees and the sound and smell of the ocean. I love animals, especially dogs. I love music, there are certain genres and artists that absolutely move me. I'm extremely patriotic and am beyond proud to be an American. I believe everyone has good in them and I believe it's our job to find that in one another. I try hard to be a good person and example to those around me.

Why I am a Mormon

Although many people feel that when you are born into Mormonism you stay in it because you feel like you should, that is not the way I choose to live. I'm a Mormon because I believe it. I have a solid testimony of God & Christ. I believe in and am grateful for modern day Prophets. I don't believe God would leave us down here alone without a link to help guide us as a people. I treasure the fact that God has made it possible for families to be together forever. I believe God is loving and merciful. I don't believe he would ever put us together as families just to pull us apart. I don't believe marriage is until death do you part. I'm thankful for the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation which is the belief that we existed as spirits before we lived on earth, we are on earth for a reason and we will be judged according to our knowledge for our actions after we return. I believe we are spiritual beings having human experiences, not the other way around. I believe there is an age of accountability, I don't believe children can sin before they know right from wrong. More than anything I believe in believing for myself, regardless of the opinions of those around me. At the end of the day, when I drop to my knees in prayer whether it's because I'm grateful, weak, joyful or scared I know there is a kind loving Heavenly Father listening to me. When I pray about the truthfulness of Joseph Smith and the vision he saw, I get a quiet calmness in my heart and a swelling inside of me that I can't explain, that assures me that it's right. I am Mormon because it makes me a happier, more complete, focused and more grateful person. I am Mormon because I have studied it, prayed about it and received an answer about it for myself.

How I live my faith

I live my faith according to how I feel God would want me to. I believe our religion is organized because God knows we can't do this alone. I think faith has so much more to do with what we do Monday through Saturday than what we do on Sunday. It's easy to walk the walk while you're at church. That being said I have enjoyed teaching the children and heading up the program for the teenage girls. I live my faith by being an example of my beliefs. Growing up and living in New York has provided an interesting backdrop for being a Mormon. I refrain from drinking, smoking, drugs, premarital sex and wearing immodest clothing. I don't believe being a Mormon is about pressure to not be who I am. To me being a Mormon is about understanding limits, understanding that God knows what's best for you better than you do, and understanding that changing your lifestyle isn't always giving up who you are, it's finding out who else you could be. I live my faith because it makes me a happier person than those times that I have struggled and not been as faithful as I should be. I ask God every day to help me see others the way he does. I make it a priority to remind myself that God's greatest commandment is to love one another.