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Hi I'm Diana

I love to walk, run, dance, garden, play with precious grandchildren, animals, serve others and eat organic food and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love life, living, learning, growing, creating and lifting my family and friends. My husband, three sons, three grandchildren, wonderful step children and those I have had the privilege of nurturing are a joy to my life. The dog Olive and Lucky, her cat all my son's dogs we call the grand-puppies add to that joy. My husband and I are retired, have bought a farm in Tennessee, are planning on raising organic fruits and vegetables as a community service and as a business. I have found that when one finds their balance, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally through Jesus Christ, that joy and peace are the by-products. Serving others is part of that equation for me. I focus on my family first, those at church and then in the community. My church service has been multi-faceted, including working with primary age children, youth, young adults, and women, as a community liaison for 13th congregations in North Alabama, and has helped me develop many talents in an environment of love and acceptance that has helped me grow in ability, confidence and leadership skills. My exciting and newest endeavor is helping direct and facilitate depression recovery groups through lifestyle balancing. We work with diet, exercise, sunlight, spiritual truth and mental attitude. It is amazing to see the success that comes about in peoples lives when they realize they can take control of their lives. I love it...

Why I am a Mormon

The questions "Who Am I?" "Where did I come from?" and Where am I going when I die?" quietly plagued the back of my mind since childhood and became more pronounced in my young adult years then spurred me on to search for truth. It took me to a variety of philosophies and places until one day I met some young missionaries from the Mormon Church who had stopped by to speak to my parents. I felt something at that time that best can be described as pure white light filled with peace and joy and that penetrated my heart, my mind, and every cell of my being. With it came the impression that what they were saying was true and that I needed to find out more from them. The more I studied and learned, the more I found answers to questions that had been central to my being as long as I could remember. I discovered the answers to Where did I live before I came to earth, Who am I?, and Where can I go after I leave this fragile existence. I joined the church and found as I learned and put into practice the precepts taught there, what my purpose or personal mission is on this earth. I learned that I personally could "Ask of God who giveth to all men and women liberally and upbraideth not and that He would answer my prayers. I did not have to rely on the precepts of men to govern my decision making process. It makes life allot easier to navigate when an omniscient parent is an available resource for counsel. It cuts down on the mistakes and backtracking processes that can eat into our time here on the earth. I guess I can say that I am Mormon because I felt pure truth when The Gospel of Jesus Christ was presented to me by the missionaries and found that when I prayed about it then acted upon what they said and what was later taught at church that the fruit thereof was good fruit and improved my life beyond my wildest dreams. The fruit produced freedom to use my agency to learn to live happily bringing me joy and peace. It does not get any better than that.

How I live my faith

Simply put, I live my faith by trying to live by the greatest commandment of all. That being, to love the Lord my God with all of my heart, mind, strength and soul and my neighbor as myself. It is a challenge. I learned early on that my natural self was incapable of succeeding without the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He can make up the difference for my weaknesses and help me step by step to do the things He asked of me in the scriptures. He did not come to save us in our sins but from our sins and because He overcame all sin, weakness, illness and strife and felt all of the struggles and trials we would have here so that he could nurture us through the process of growing stronger and overcoming our flaws and weaknesses while serving our individual missions. We each have specific purposes to fulfill while we live on the earth. We will be able to grow and improve significantly as we depend on Him to help us. I have seen people with lives that appeared beyond repair who gained faith in Christ, repented of their wrong choices and were baptized, completely change their lives and become whole and productive leaving behind them addictions, dishonesty, unhealthy lifestyles and the scars of abuse etc. I work on finding things to be grateful for every day. I try to look in my own heart before finding fault with others. I pray for and work on the ability to forgive others and look for the divine in all I meet. I ask for His help often because my imperfect mortal self often fails at this. I am currently trying to go at least two weeks without saying anything negative or criticizing anyone. I start over each time I forget. It is getting easier. I currently serve in the nursery at church with those precious 18 month to 3 year old children and in the office of the Mormon Temple. There is so much good to be found and it grows as we look for it.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

God is not a respecter of persons. He loves all of His children and desires for them to communicate with Him. I was raised in the Methodist church, joined the Catholic Church, then in my young adult years, while searching for meaning in life, not finding it in any of these places, dropped out and joined the Hippie community I joined a Hindu sect for a time but none of this gave me that connection to God, that peace that I was looking for but did not know it. The day I met the Missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints "The Mormon's" I felt a connection to light, love and peace that I had never felt before. They did not ask me to believe what they said but instead asked me to pray to a loving Heavenly Father to know if what they were telling me was true. I did and was given what I can only explain as pure intelligence flowing from God to me, verifying the truthfulness of their message. I learned that: God is the source of all truth. He loves you and wants to answer your questions. He will help you recognize the truth as you sincerely seek it and ask Him for guidance. You can know that what you’ve been learning is true (see James 1:5-6; Book of Mormon, Moroni 10:4-5). ■Sincerely pray to your Heavenly Father. Ask Him if what you are learning is true. ■Continue to study and give thoughtful consideration to what you are learning. ■Listen with your heart for sweet feelings of inspiration from the Holy Ghost. He whispers the truth to your spirit and mind. Show more Show less