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Hi I'm Aaron

I'm a learner of languages, a full-time student, a writing tutor, a devoted husband, a lover of Mexican cuisine, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a full time student studying at Brigham Young University - Hawaii. My chosen field of study is Intercultural Communications. I love to work with people and I particularly love to get to know people from cultures that are very different from my own. I absolutely love to learn foreign languages, despite how challenging it can be at times. When I was 19, I decided to serve for two years as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served in the Oaxaca, Mexico Mission where I had the privilege of getting to know and serving many who I know consider dear friends. That experience helped me to learn to speak Spanish and also helped me to recognize my love of languages. Besides that, I have many hobbies which include: reading, photography, hiking and backpacking, playing the guitar, computers and video games, and playing board and card games with friends and family.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a Latter Day Saint family. As a child I was raised with a belief in God and in Jesus Christ. I always attended church with my family and always felt that what we were doing was right. As I grew into a teen however, I began to question all that I had learned as most teenagers do. I questioned my teachers at school on their curiculum, my friends on their beliefs, adults on their political stances, etc. I became confused and didn`t know what I should believe, or if I even believed in anything at all. I stopped praying to God and reading the scriptures. I still went to church with my family, but it didn`t feel the same as it did before. I needed to know what the truth really was. That all changed as I met new friends in my Freshman Year of College. Some of those ¨friends¨ invited me frequently to do what they did; smoke, drink, have sexual relations and to compromise my freedom in other ways. But others, true friends, invited me to come and know Christ personally. They invited me to Institute, a church program for college students where students take classes on Gospel subjects such as the Old Testament, The New Testament and The Book of Mormon. Thanks to those classes and my new friends I once again had a desire to find out if God existed. As I now lived with a Christian roommate, I had the opportunity to pray and to find out for myself if what I had learned all my life was true. I have a strong testimony or knowledge that God exists and that he knows us personally. My prayers were answered in a very specific way, with feelings of peace and comfort, and assurances that what I was doing is what the Lord would have me do and gentle suggestions of how to live a better life. As well, every time I read the Bible or the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, I feel peace and assurance that what I am doing is helping me become a better person. Christ has become my personal hero and I try every day to do what he would have me do.

How I live my faith

Living the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not easy. That is something I have learned from my own experiences. It requires dedication and effort each day to do the little things that Christ would do. Every day when I wake up I have a decision to make. I have to stop and ask myself, "Who do you want to be today? Will you do the things that will make you more like Jesus Christ or will you give in and just try and be like everyone else?". Knowing that we are God's spirit children helps me to decide to do all that I can to act like Jesus Christ would act. Doing the things that Christ would do is no easy task. I try and start every day off with a kneeling prayer. As I kneel and vocally pray to my Father in Heaven, I have a chance to not only recommit myself to the path that I have chosen, but also to tell him about my plans for the day, the goals I have and the things I am concerned about. It is great to be able to speak with him and to receive answers from Him in the form of peace and comfort in facing trials and concerns, or through an increase of hope and desire to accomplish my goals. Throughout the day I try and think about the teachings of Jesus Christ so that I can act accordingly. Sometimes I get angry or discouraged with others or with myself. I can often be judgmental, impatient, and unforgiving. However as I think about what Christ would do in a similar circumstance, I am able to re-evaluate my thoughts and actions and try and do better. One thing that is very important is to read the Scriptures each day. As I study from the Holy Bible, and also from the Book of Mormon and other Scriptures, I find answers to problems in my life, new perspectives, and I recognize ways that I can improve. This is a chance each day to receive guidance from my Heavenly Father. Besides these things, I try and be like Jesus Christ each day, I also live my faith by going to religion classes and by hanging out with friends who influence me to do good.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

God is our Heavenly Father. He loves us so much that he created this world and this mortal life in which we can learn and grow. But in the business of our daily lives it can sometimes be difficult to believe that there truly is a God. Luckily He offers us many ways to know that He exists. Our Heavenly Father also invites us to speak to him personally. He is our Father and he loves each of us, exactly how we are. It doesn`t matter what we have done in our lives or where we are in our journey but He invites us to share our thoughts, feelings, worries and needs with Him daily. We speak to God through prayer. When we pay attention to our feelings and the events following our prayers we find the answers and help that we need on a daily basis. Our Heavenly Father also invites us to learn more about Him through study. He has given us the words of prophets and of His son, Jesus Christ in the scriptures. As we study we learn more about who God is, why he sent us here, and what he expects of us. As we strive to do what he asks we will try our best to keep his commandments. As we keep his commandments we feel peace and assurance that God exists. And as we keep his commandments we can recognize the ways that God blesses our lives. Show more Show less

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Mormon church services are similar in many ways to those of other faiths. As a whole, they are designed to help us learn about Jesus Christ and his Gospel, remember that we are God's spiritual children, and be able to feel the Holy Spirit. Our services are held on Sunday and typically last for 3 hours, each of which has a distinct purpose. One of the meetings (typically the first or the last), is called Sacrament Meeting. The sacrament is bread and water that have been blessed and passed by those who have the priesthood, and it is then given to any person in attendance who wishes to receive it. This is a special moment in which we quietly think about our relationship with our Heavenly Father and about our eternal debt to our Savior. In this meeting we also sing hymns as a congregation, listen to prayers at the beginning and end of the meeting and also listen to several speakers who share their thoughts about a topic, all of which helps us focus on strengthening our understanding of the Gospel. The other two hours of our Sunday services consist of different classes that allow us to learn about Jesus Christ together. There is a Sunday School for each age group, so they are a great chance to ask questions and learn because each age group learns differently. The second hour of classes consists of separating into groups by age for males and for females. These classes help us learn how to be better neighbors, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and spouses to each other. Show more Show less