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Hi I'm Carol Ann

I grew up in St. Louis, Mo. I live in Texas now. I joined the church years ago as a result of the missionaries. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the mom of 4 kids, which I raised on my own (mostly) after my divorce. I am now a grandma to 10 kids from my 4. I am retired now and preparing to go on a Mission. I have been a member of the Church for 40 years. The missionaries found me in St. Louis, Mo., but I now live in Texas. I love being a Mormon. It is a truly blessed way of life that brings much joy, happiness, and peace. I love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. My most valued pocession is my Book of Mormon. I challenge all to read it and experience the peace and love you feel as you do so. The book is TRUE! God Lives and Loves us all. We are children of Heavely Father and Christ is our eldest brother. They love us and want only the best for us. I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

The missionaries came to my door. I did not know it then, but it was an answer to my prayers. My new single life was very difficult and my prayers were for help. I had 3 boys and a brand new infant girl. I had prayed fervently during the whole ordeal that if there was a God, where was he. I prayed my little girl was a sign that somehow all would work out OK and I would survive with my kids. It was a year later that the missionaries came to my door. I did not let them in on their several attempts to talk to me, but my boys did eventually. I did not hear the knock at the door but the boys did and let them in. Once there, I figured I would let them have their say and be rid of them. Obviously, that is not what happened. They came in and I noticed something different about them, as if you could see clear to their souls. I started to listen to them. In the meantime, the Spirit whispered to them that I needed help with the kids. They made a deal with me, they would come once a week and occupy the kids so I could get the laundry or whatever done, if I would let them come once a week to teach me. I could not turn down the offer for help. The deal was made, and the rest is history. Their teachings started out being very logical to me, a Catholic. They had answers to questions that could not be answered in the Catholic Church. I spoke to my priest who would not talk to me about the Mormon religion. I ended up talking to my sisters and the missionaries at a round table. It was that night I knew that I was going to join the Mormon church, and believed if nothing else it was more logical than what I knew, and was able to address all my questions about God. It is now many years later and I can say that joining the Church was the best thing I have ever done. I know today that the Church is true, that it is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, that the book of Mormon is true and that it is an honor and priveledge to be a member.

How I live my faith

I attend Church faithfully every Sunday, and have done so for years. It is there I learn about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and their plan for each of us to return to them. Members are few in the area in which I live, but the spirit is strong and we are like a family. We may be a small group but the Church is huge. I was a temple worker for 5 years. Once I week I would drive to Houston and spend the day in the temple where I assist others to do the work for their dead. It is as it was in Christ's time. He also went to the temple. The Church is organized as it was anciently, i.e. Prophet, Apostles, Priests, Teachers, Bishops, etc., etc., etc. It stands the test of time as is an organization only Diety could have put in place. I love the Church and the changes it has made in me and in my life. The blessings I receive for outweigh the effort I put into it. Being a member of the Church is not a Sunday affair, it is a way of life and is lived everyday. Blessings are waiting for all and Heavenly Father wants to bless us all. I could not imagine living any other way and realize each day how blessed I am to be a member and to have so much truth available to me. As the scriptures say, "truth will set you free".