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Hi I'm Yani Davison

I'm 2nd of 4 children to parents with strong, positive values, though members of a different faith, & a Mom of 4. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I attended college immediately after high school because that's what was expected in my family, although I had no idea what I wanted to graduate in or even study. I eventually graduated after a lot of partying in my first 3 1/2 years of college, (I did not know of the Mormon Church until I started investigating it late in my 4th year of college) and going through 6 majors during 7 years of college. Now I am married, a mother and grandma and an office-worker, with 4 grown children and a confidence in my individual value to God and people that I never had an inkling of, when I was not a member of this faith.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents taught me good morality, but also that it doesn't matter whether God exists or not, so I should believe whatever I wanted to about religion. During college I wanted to gain spiritual understanding too- not what is convenient, but what is true. When I am willing to learn and live by truth, things are much less complicated; are easier & better. For example, the law of gravity is "true." Whether I "believe" in the law or not, it affects me the same. Surely, I reasoned, spiritual laws are the same: believing in something that is false will never make it true, no matter how strong my "belief." Just: is there a God or not, what does He say, what does He promise, what does He ask of me? The missionaries who taught me kept encouraging me to "find out for myself," not just take their word for it. I loved that- that I can grow my own testimony of the truth of what I learn, and not just blindly accept whatever is told to me, on anything! I waited for them to contradict themselves, as all the other teachings within each Faith eventually did, in my experience. They never did, so I was baptized into this Faith. Even now, over 30 years later, I am still finding connections between science, history and scripture that confirms: this Gospel teaches all truths. And God knows me, and loves me, and each of us, and has plans for all to all return to him, our Father. I love finding out more of that plan, and how I can help it happen. It gives so many blessings, any inconvenience is tiny!

How I live my faith

Our Heavenly Father provides me - and whoever wants to listen - with guidance, instructions and encouragement. But He always allows me to make my own decisions, which is very important to me. I am happiest when I remember the Heavenly heritage we each have; of being His children, and I live according to the principles of His gospel. Like the physical laws of this world (for example: gravity) there are spiritual laws, and I love learning what those are, and paying attention to them in my life. My favorite spiritual law is that whenever Heavenly Father asks us to do something He promises, in return, specific blessings- we can read about those 'covenants' (two-way promises between us and Him, and the blessings for doing as God asks/suggests) in the scriptures. And the blessings I can receive are so wonderful, that I consider it a joy to do what He asks! His requests are sometimes called 'commandments,' but not because he will be angry if I don't do those things, but just that to get the best spiritual and sometimes even temporal blessings that he'd love to give, He cannot give them unless/until we first keep our end of the covenant that He has set up. My first step was to ask questions of the missionaries, and pray and study about the answers. Heavenly Father, or God, loves each of us so much! His plan is for each person who ever has, does, or will live on Earth to return to live with Him again, where, we learn as we study the Gospel, we once lived, before this mortal life.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Yani Davison
This avoids the "conflict of interest" issue- no members get paid money for any services, including preaching on Sunday, so they do not stand to earn a living or gain wealth by serving or preaching. Their service is a donation, with only the blessings of our Heavenly Father received, as a consequence of His pleasure in the service given. God wants to give us all He can, and I am glad to serve, to offer back to Him a mere token, in essence, of my willingness to give to others all that I can- my time and effort is valuable to me, and can be to others, also, when I give service. It is a gift without price or monetary cost. Thus the truth can be most easily preached, rather than possibly feeling any need to preach only what is pleasing to someone, to gain their approval, or money. Show more Show less