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Hi I'm Chuck

I have enjoyed living and working in the beautiful town of Libby, MT since 2002. I became a Mormon at age 19.

About Me

I have 4 children, all are boys. I often thought I would like to have 12 children. I met my present wife in 1992. We fell in love and married in 1996. Somewhere in the midst of that time period I found that she also wanted 12 children. She came with 8. Now together we have 12. Present count of grandchildren is 19 and they are proliferating like rabbits. We both love music and dance well together. I also love to sing and she plays multiple instruments. We have performed at nightclubs and receptions together. She teaches music for a living and I work as a med tech in a hospital laboratory.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 18 years old the U.S. Navy stationed me in the midst of Mormon country in Idaho Falls, ID. The other sailors warned me about the Mormons, citing that they believed the phrase "child of God" to be literal. Being Catholic at that time, I thought this to be blasphemy. However, I was also a thinker. It was obvious that the Mormons I had met were good people so I studied and prayed. By my 20th birthday I had come to a knowledge of it's truthfulness. I knew that through the power of the atonement we all have the opportunity to become like our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ if we learn to obey His commandments. Yes all of God's offspring will rise from the dead as a result of Christ's Atonement, but there is so much more than even this miracle. Once I knew this to be true, nothing could stop me from being baptized into His Church. From the point of knowing the truth I have felt free and have enjoyed that freedom since then for more than 37 years and counting.

How I live my faith

We all come from different levels of spirituality. Some struggle all of their lives. Others are like some of the prophets that never stray from the straight and narrow. Even in their youth they seem to naturally follow the commandments. I have struggled most of my life. Being active in church, paying tithing and offerings have not been terribly difficult but other things have. The things that have brought me closest to Christ is understanding the sanctity of marriage and appreciating my wife as being a gift from God. I have also enjoyed the love I have for the families the Lord has given me to home teach.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

As with so many components of the Lord's true restored church, a non-paid ministry demonstrates a divine origin and purpose. If I truly love the Lord and his children, I should be compelled to do his work without receiving payment. On the other hand, by doing his work without expecting a reward, I naturally learn to love God the Father, my savior Jesus Christ, God's children here on earth and appreciate the precious and blessed promptings of the Holy Ghost. Members don't get called upon to deliver sermons in sacrament meeting very often so when I am called to speak I put my all into the talk. With the Lord's help, I aim at delivering a talk that is worthy of assisting someone in their efforts to become more Christ-like. The last talk I gave was on the importance of keeping the whole sabbath day holy (4th commandment). I put 60 hours into putting that talk together. (Not everyone spends or needs to spend that much time) Although I received a fair amount of positive feedback afterwards, I can say with all assuridy, that it had a lasting effect on me. Since then, about a year ago, I have never voluntarily missed church or treated the sabbath day with anything other than preparedeness and reverence. As a result of that, I am a little closer to following Christ's example. I have learned in like manner from the other callings the Lord has given me, for which I am thankful. Show more Show less