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Hi I'm Brian

I am an entrepreneur, a hockey coach, an avid reader, a father of four and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was very fortunate to grow up in a variety of family run businesses where I was able to learn the value of hard work and personal industry. I was the first member of both sides of my family to earn a college degree and after a few years was able to go back east and return to graduate school to earn my MBA. I have worked for several Fortune 500 companies as well as very small startups and have always had a passion for entrepreneurship and education. In my spare time I started a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching teenagers about entrepreneurship and providing experiences for interested students to start their own companies. I love to volunteer and have coached ice hockey for over 20 years. I have had the great fortune of building strong relationships with my oldest son and many other great players, fans, and parents. My oldest daughter recently began playing lacrosse and through her interest I have been able to start new teams and new leagues for girls lacrosse in our area and love being involved in that rapidly growing sport as well. I am very blessed with an amazing, capable, loving wife who supports our family in all that we do while simultaneously running her own business. I have four wonderful kids and I do all that I can to spend as much time with them as possible. They constantly amaze and impress me.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in Salt Lake in a very caring family. I loved the outdoors, playing with friends, and playing ice hockey. I had tangental relationships with the LDS church all through my childhood but never really understood it or accepted it until I was in my second year of college. At that point, several of my friends were getting close to returning from their missions and as I began to study the gospel of Jesus Christ for myself for the first time I began to realize that I wanted to serve a mission myself. That decision opened the door to a series of amazing personal experiences and personal insights that continue to this day. I enjoy studying the scriptures and learning how to apply the teachings and the atonement of Jesus Christ in my personal life. As with anyone, I struggle with a variety of issues and too often, I fall short of the life I want to live and the person I want to be. I am grateful for the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and know that it is through His grace that I can repent and be allowed to return to live with Him. I am Mormon because I have studied the teachings and have received a personal witness that they are true. I have many personal experiences that confirm that the course of true happiness is by following the gospel plan and know that God provides each of us with experiences to grow, to be tested, and to become more like Him. Through these experiences I know that God knows each of us personally and loves us more than we can ever possibly realize. I know that He provides moments of instruction for us and that He patiently teaches us line upon line and precept upon precept. I am amazed at the love and patience that God has for me personally and am humbled at the plan and the path that He has created for me.

How I live my faith

I have found that the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ rests on a very simple (but not easy) foundation of faith, personal scripture study, personal prayer, and constant striving to be worthy to have the guidance of the Holy Ghost. I am very fortunate to be able to live in an area where I am surrounded by capable, intelligent individuals who have consecrated their efforts to serving their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. While I realize that none of these individuals are perfect, their stalwart examples serve as powerful beacons along the angry billows in my darkest hours. I have served in a variety of positions in my church and am always drawn towards coaching and mentoring youth. However, my current assignment is to organize and support the efforts directed towards the older couples and single mothers in our area. It is a true inspiration to be able to work alongside these dedicated individuals as they temporarily set aside their own busy schedules and agendas in order to visit the sick and needy, to offer support to those who may be battered or bruised along life's bumpy road, and to reflect the true love of Christ as they serve to provide temporal support by painting a shed, mending a fence, or pulling weeds in someone else's yard when they all have faded sheds, leaning posts, and overgrown gardens of their own that they simply don't have time to take care of themselves. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a transforming work. I know that when I am diligent and focused on the Lord's errand that my own burdens seem lighter and less important. I am grateful for the opportunities I have to carry out His work during my brief mortal journey on this earth. These opportunities allow me to develop a broader perspective and in so doing, bless the lives of me and my family throughout the eternities as I am able to take one more step closer to becoming the person my Heavenly Father knows that I can become.

Are Mormons Christians?

This question always surprises me. I hear it a lot by members of other churches and I know they are seriously concerned when they ask it but it still seems like a very obvious answer. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is one of the only formal organizations on the planet that clearly states the name of Jesus Christ in the actual name of the church. Many of the other religions take on the name as a derivation of a belief, specific doctrine, or early church leaders. However, our belief in the Savior Jesus Christ is clearly and plainly broadcast in the very name of the church. A careful, prayerful study of the scriptures solidify Christ's teachings of the Old Testament and the New Testament as well as the Book of Mormon. His gospel provides us with the path to salvation and the means of helping us get there. Indeed, "we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ..." 2 Nephi 2525. Show more Show less