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Hi I'm Steffen

I'm from a farm community, yet live in a big city. I'm active, persuasive and a momma's boy. Hi I'm Steffen, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I'm currently attending a two year college studying Business and Finance. I have a strong interest in business administration and want to be a strong employer and leader in that field. Because of my family career background, I'm looking to own and operate my own business; preferably in finance. If you are every out and about on a Saturday afternoon, you will find me on the golf course with my friends! Back home, I am water skiing in the Summer, and snowmobiling in the Winter with my family. I love my family and am very close to every one of my 3 brothers, my sister and parents. We all share our jokes and laughs with each other when we are gathered at the house!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon for very simple and subtle reasons. I grew up a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. While doing so, I have heard literally hundreds of personal testimonies of its members explaining why they continue in, or have chosen to be a part of our faith. Some experience tragedies, others experience miracles while some may have no major experience at all. I am one of those. I have never experienced anything dramatic when it came to my own inquiries with the Lord in searching for a confirmation that this Church is true. I always suspected it to be true, because others have told me. But it bothered me when they would share such great stories when I myself was struggling to relate. I honestly felt that the Lord was ignoring me because I hadn't received an answer to my prayers like other members had. It caused me to lack faith, and as a result I felt myself lacking interest. I eventually decided to serve a mission for my church, even though I still felt my prayers were unanswered, I decided to take a step of faith. I was called to the Raleigh North Carolina Mission and it was there that I labored for 17 months and then was called to serve in Charlotte. While doing so, I constantly plead to the Lord for some type of spiritual experience like I had heard so many people had received in coming to know this church is true. After about three months of service, I had realized that the Lord had answered my prayers all along. They have been subtle, silent, and very simple. It was because of the testimony I was sharing with others, and when they would ask me how I know, I would say; "I stopped asking, and started listening." That is how I have a testimony today. The Lord wasn't going to put any answer in my lap for me. I was required to act, and not be acted upon. I found my answer while I was on my feet serving the Lord, after I had first been on my knees pleading to him. I have no amazing story, my testimony is nothing special. But at least I know.

How I live my faith

Currently I am serving as an Executive Secretary in my ward. My responsibilities include scheduling and keeping appointments for my Bishop who is the leader of our ward. It is my goal to keep him well organized so to help lighten his heavy load. I always feel good when I serve in my calling. I didn't choose to be his secretary, non of us choose our callings, but we love serving in them as if we did choose them. I also help out as a home teacher. These responsibilities include assignments to a number of families within the ward to visit on a monthly basis. We offer support and encouragement in anyway we are welcomed into their home. We respect the homes of those we visit, and are especially mindful to the head of the house and their family. I love these visits. I become close to everyone I see. My faith increases each time I see a strong bond between father, mother, son, and daughter become stronger.

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Make promises with the Lord, and keep them. The Lord expects His people to be a covenant keeping people. Where he sets the standards, and His people choose to reject or keep them. When they keep them, they increase their faith in Him. Show more Show less

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

We believe in making promises and keeping them. We believe tithing is a commandment the Lord gave us as a means to increase our faith in Him. It being a commandment, we promised to keep it, and so we do. Show more Show less