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Hi I'm Marissa

I've lived in Phoenix, Colorado Springs, and Seattle. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a student. Student life is great. I've never had more challenges and failures in my life, but I guess learning limitations and reaching new heights is one of the goals of an education. I've heard that the reason we call it a liberal education is because it liberates you from ignorance. In my studies I have developed a greater appreciation and depth for what is possible. When I traveled to Italy/Greece with my parents earlier this year, I was impressed by the abundance of architecture and sculptures that have laid a foundation for our modern buildings and art. I'm impressed. I love running. Last weekend I ran in my first half-marathon-- a goal I've had for years but have never been brave enough to attempt until now. In my freshman year of high school cross country, I always puked right after a race. This race was no different. Gross, right? There's something about discovering new boundaries and pushing limits that I love about running. It also keeps me in shape both physically and emotionally, which isn't bad either, right? I love socializing. This year I'm part of a dinner group with my friends. There are eight of us, so we each take turns cooking Monday thru Thursday. A lot of times we just eat and share maybe a highlight from our day. Other days we'll each take turns asking for advise on how to hint to a boy that we like him or break the news that we're just not interested. Sometimes we'll discuss a few current events just to prove we know a thing or two about life.

Why I am a Mormon

Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a matter of faith to me. I learn things through faith. It takes faith for me to go to classes every day, to believe my mind can process information, and to believe I can think. This faith, a belief of things which are hope for, inspires me to take actions and then my experiences taking those actions leads me to my beliefs. As I change and grow from my experience, I continually repent and become a new person-- a person with more depth and knowledge. I've had friends ask me so many difficult questions in my life, and I feel like I've really had to hunker down and find out for myself if what I believed was right. I'm a Mormon because this process of faith works for me. I feel the Spirit offer me revelation and I've learned to trust these impressions based on my experiences. I'm a Mormon because living the gospel of Jesus Christ makes me happy.

How I live my faith

My faith is probably most evidenced by my values and the way I treat others. I try to demonstrate Christ-like love towards those around me, and I've noticed others show me their faith by treating me with love, kindness, and respect. Sometimes I show my roommates I love them by doing dishes in the apt, by leaving them encouraging notes, or by inviting them to go pick up some hot chocolate. We have a lot of heart-felt conversations and watch a lot of movies together. I try to do stuff for my roommates, but really they do stuff for me. Last weekend when I ran, one of my roommates made me a gigantic poster using a lot of glitter. She had written an inside joke on the red poster, which was encouraging to think about as I ran. Her kind gesture reminds me of more little things I can do to show my love for others. I live my faith by accepting my roommates' kind acts of service and by trying to serve each of them in return. I call my family on a regular basis and appreciate the thoughtful ways that they serve me. I help strangers by being involved in volunteer programs, and I hope my small efforts do a lift the burdens of others. There are so many good people in the world today. I show my faith by treating those around me with love and kindness. I read my scriptures, I pray, but most importantly, I serve. By caring for those around me, I show God that I love him, because I am seeking to follow His example.