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Hi I'm Amanda

I met the love of my life online. Now I am a wife and a mother. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Two older siblings and five younger siblings left me with the desire to have kids of my own. When Prince Charming failed to appear, I tried to pursue other worthy goals, but there was still a hole in my life. Then, through something I can only describe as a a miracle, I met my husband. He's from India and our baby girl was born in November.

Why I am a Mormon

I've felt God in my life from the inside out. No outside influence gave that to me. I believe that feeling stemmed from time in the scriptures - both the Bible and the Book of Mormon - striving to know for myself what was true. I'm grateful for those experiences because it helped me to develop a relationship with the Lord. Through that relationship faith has propelled me through areas of weakness and pain to an area of peace that I cannot explain. That peace has been with me despite ruined relationships, loss of job, and loss of home. That peace has been with me in gaining other employment, lasting relationships, finding other living accommodations and renewing my hope in the future.

How I live my faith

The Savior invited us to try his doctrine to see if it were true. I have tried the doctrines of repentance and forgiveness and have found them to be true in every scinerio. At work (I teach students with special needs) we constantly practice saying we are sorry, learning that our choices have good or bad consequences and that we can feel happy as we constantly make good choices. At home, putting family as priority over job, personal time and other things is somewhat difficult, but I've found that it is the most satisfying part of my life when I put family first. Repentance, forgiveness and family help me feel the peace of the Savior no matter where I am.

What is the Law of Chastity?

This used to be an easy answer, and it still is, I just have a different perspective on it. I always believed that you should not have sexual relations before marriage. I knew from my teachings of Christ that it would ultimately lead to unhappiness in family relationships. So why were my friends who did participate in sex before marriage, have such better and longer-lasting marriages? I had kept the law of chastity and married someone who likewise promised God to live this law, so why did I not reap the full benefits, but instead get a divorce? So I had to ask myself, and God, why keep this law - especially now, when I've experienced sex and now need to wait until I'm married again? Why do that? Through prayer and reading the scriptures, I gained God's opinion of why. He wants me to be happy. He wants us and our loved ones to be safe from the physical and emotional damage that are often a by-product of such living. Yet knowing something and feeling something are completely different. I can honestly say that I KNOW that the law of chastity is meant to be kept. I am a school teacher and have taught in several different schools, states and grade levels. I can share from experience that the pain and anguish of our precious children often spring from poor relationships between the adult figures in their lives. The opposite is also true, the most well-adjusted, happy children come from homes in which relationships are stable and built upon the teachings of Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

My husband is from another country which is predominated by another religion. He grew up in yet a separate religion, thus his cultural experiences are far different than mine. The gospel of Jesus Christ serves as common ground for us. It's principles bind is in ways not otherwise possible. It gives us a vision of what we really want. It has brought such peace and direction to our marriage, we wouldn't be together without it! Show more Show less