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Hi I'm Liam

I am from Utah. I snowboard, speak spanish, and love to be with my family and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the second oldest child in my family. I look up to my older brother and my 3 little brothers. I have always been interested in sports but never really played team sports until my junior year in high school when I picked up a lacrosse stick. Since that point I have loved the sport of lacrosse along with many others. I started to snowboard when I was 15 and I have loved it ever since. I would say that it is my passion. I also picked up other sports such as rock climbing, wakeboarding, mountain biking, and longboarding. I guess you could say that i like to be active. When I was 7 my mother passed away in a car wreck. It was hard for both me and my brother to cope with the loss of our mother but my father kept us goin strong. We always had alot of help from family members and neighbors too. When I was 10 or 11 my dad got remarried to a wonderful woman who has taken care of us ever since. My family grew a little bit after that with my step brother and with new additions (2 brothers and a sister). Things were goin perfect but eventually tragedy struck us again when my little sister was diagnosed with cancer. It was a new trial for our family and it took its tole as my sister faught for a year to keep her life. My little 2 year old sister faught valiently but then in the end returned to her Heavenly Father on July 14 2009. My family grew alot from that experience and we are grateful for the time that we had my little sister with us. I know that she is in a better place now.

Why I am a Mormon

To try and fine tune the reason why I am a Mormon is almost imposible but i will try to narrow it down to a few main points. My belief in God goes alot deeper that just believing in some being who has power. My relationship with him is on a personal level. I know that he is my Father in Heaven and that he loves me. I know that he listens to and answers every one of my prayers. I know that he feels sad when I am sad and that he rejoices when i am happy and obedient. He is all powerful, all knowing and loves all of us and for that reason we are here in this earth to learn grow and return to him. I beleive strongly in a life after this one. I know that through God`s plan I can be reunited with my mother and my little sister who have passed away. I know that this life is but a pinprick in the eternities that we can enjoy with with our families. These blessings and priveleges are very dear to my heart and are made possible through the lords temples here on this earth. I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but that is not the reason why I am Mormon. In my teen years I came to know the truth for myself through study and prayer and that is why today I can say with a proud heart that I am a child of God and a member of the church of Jesus Christ. I know that God loves every single one of us and has an eternal plan so that we can receive countless blessings and eventually eternal life. I know that families can be together forever. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and through his Atonement and sacrifice for us we can all be forgiven of our passed transgressions and mistakes and turn our lives around. Through faith and repentence we might receive the forgiveness that we need to carry on our lives. I know that the Gift of the Holy Ghost is a gift from God to guide us and help us. I am eternally grateful for the privelege that I have to say that I am Mormon and for the blessings I receive everyday in my daily life.

How I live my faith

I am currently a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Tampico Mexico Mission. I have the blessing and privelege of finding and teaching people the basic gospel principles that they need to come unto Christ and to partake of a valid baptism. As a missionary I am blessed to see people change their lives on a daily basis. As one learns through the spirit and has the desire to be a better person they are able to excersise their faith and have a change of heart. This change of heart is called repentence. As people repent and feel the love of the Savior they are prompted to make bigger and more important descisions in their life that are needed for their salvation. These next descisions that they make usually are to be baptised and to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost which is a constant guide for us. As this progression and change takes place in their lives they are able to see the blessings and the love that God has for them. The wonderful thing about all this is that these blessings are open to everyone who wants to take advantage of them. Through members and the missionaries the Gospel is spreading throughout the world so that all might have the oportunity to hear and change their lives.