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Hi I'm Howard

I've lived in Maritime Canada my whole life. At age 19 I joined the Church and I've been an active member ever since.

About Me

My wife and I have 4 grown children. We married in the Cardston, Alberta Temple when we were fairly young and had all 4 kids just 5 years apart. Now we enjoy hosting their frequent, extended visits between college semesters and other moves. We can even now enjoy visits from our first grandchild. Throughout my working life I've had many experiences including: teaching, various sales positions, newspaper publishing, practicing law, politics, and Internet marketing. The Church has provided me with numerous opportunities to discover and develop talents which have helped me immensely in these endeavours. For fun I enjoy sports (hockey, basketball, tennis and squash mostly) as well as body surfing, mountain biking and camping. I play squash with my wife 3 days each week. I like to read philosophy and science. I particularly enjoy the work of John Leslie, Ayn Rand, and Ray Kurzweil.

Why I am a Mormon

I became a member of the Church because my parents raised me to do what is right, no matter how difficult. I've made my share of mistakes but joining this Church was not one of them and I have never regretted my decision. I have a very strong belief in God. Only the existing of a divine creator can explain why something exists rather than nothing. There is simply too much evidence that the physical parameters of our world were finely tuned to allow for the existence of intelligent beings to believe it resulted from chance. As John Leslie has masterfully argued, the logical choice is between belief in God, a multiplicity of universes, or both. I believe there is considerably more evidence of God than of multiple universes, although I do not doubt that they too exist. The existence of a benevolent, omnipotent, omniscient creator who has created, not pets or playthings, but children, capable of rising over the course of eons of time to the level of perfection and joy that He has achieved makes eminent sense. To me this explains everything we see around us, why we are here, and where we are heading. I have found this doctrine only within this Church and its every contemplation results in a feeling I can only ascribe to His spirit confirming its truth. I believe in God. I believe He is my Father and I am his child, as are you. He wants me to learn to become like him so I can experience the great joy of living as he does. The experiences of this life are essential means by which I can develop divine attributes. I can do this by learning to consistently apply the principles reveled through scripture, modern prophets and prayer. When I fail, as I do, I can repent and call upon my Savior and Elder Brother, Jesus Christ, to apply his atoning sacrifice that I may once again be reconciled to the Father. Thank Heavens for the Savior's great atonement. Being perfect, he need not have suffered the pain of sin, but did so simply so that my suffering could be relieved.

How I live my faith

I have always lived in areas where opportunities for Church service were plentiful. As a result I have been able to teach Sunday School classes to youth and adults and play a leadership role in my congregation. I participate in regular service projects organized by our men's group and also in our weekly ball hockey game, which we have been holding almost every week since 1993. In my family we all enjoy our active church service as well as our religious observances at home. These include family prayer and setting aside one evening each week to read and discuss scripture together. I believe the LDS lifestyle is a lot like most other people's with the added bonus of divinely designed programs to help ensure that we do not fall into the many pitfalls of the modern world. And if we do, there is plenty of support to help us find our way out. So, living as an LDS member is a lot like anyone else who is trying to do his best. Sometimes you get to help others, sometimes you need help, but always the Lord, through His Church, is there to make sure that needed service is rendered and received.