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Hi I'm Collin

I'm a gamer, a bagpiper, and currently a missionary. And, I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am currently serving as a missionary in Wisconsin, and I'll be there for two years! Before I left, I took 1 1/2 years of college. I still don't know what to study yet, but I hope to have an idea once I get off my mission! Before I left, I did many things that other kids my age do: Play video games, Frisbee, saxophone, and hang out with my friends or my parents, brother and sister. And I did some less-ordinary things: I learned to play the bagpipes. Besides just learning the instrument, I was immersed in the culture of Scotland, and later, Ireland, when I also joined a traditional Irish band playing the penny-whistle. It became a big part of who I am, and out here in the mission field, people call me "Leprechaun" because of my interest in Irish culture and because I'm short. I've never actually even been to Ireland! Music, as well as literature, have always been a big part of my life, and help me to realize the beauty of the world around us and the majesty of God and His plan for us.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born Mormon, but that's not why I am Mormon still. Sometimes it is difficult to obey all of the "rules" or commandments of the Church, and to be diligent in studying, especially while on a mission! But I wouldn't sacrifice all the things that I enjoy for two years, such as video games, TV, sports, books, and even bagpipes, or leave the people I love, including all my friends and all my family, if I wasn't convicted of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church. And if it is really all true? If we can be resurrected after death and live once again, if we can see our families and loved ones again after death, if we can see the glory and majesty of God and Jesus Christ, if we can be cleansed from our sins and wrongdoings and mistakes, if we can find peace and comfort in this life, and if all these things are true because Jesus Christ Himself died for all of us, why wouldn't I want to share this message? Why wouldn't I try to help as many people as possible through the hard times in their lives, and realize there is something better waiting for us? That is why I'm a Mormon. And for me, there is no "if" to all of the questions above. It was a bunch of "ifs" at one time for me, but I have prayed and studied and pondered the message of the Church, and I now know that these things are all true. Knowing all of this, how could I keep all of this to myself, when I could help others come to know the truth of this message as well? If someone one day discovered the cure to cancer in a laboratory, it would be on the news all across the world. If someone in a laboratory one day discovered the cure to misery, loneliness, regret, pain, and even death, all in one little pill, imagine the revolution it would have across the world! Though it might not be in a pill, and it wasn't discovered in a laboratory, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has all of these cures, and I have been called by a prophet of God to proclaim this message!

How I live my faith

Before I left on my mission, I attended seminary classes at my high school. Church is only once a week, and many things can happen during the week to weary us and drain us! But seminary was a spiritual recharge for me. When I went to college I took religion classes, and learned to love the Book of Mormon and the Bible much more, to know the stories and teachings they contained, and how they each testified of Jesus Christ and His gospel. But more than just with taking classes, I tried to live in the way Jesus taught: selfless, kind, meek, humble, full of faith, hope, and charity. That is difficult, and like many others, I often failed to live my life that way or became discouraged. But I tried to follow the example set by Christ in the scriptures, follow the example set by my parents and others that I looked up to and admired, and be a better person every day. Now, I have made the big step of serving a mission, and I literally live my faith 24/7! I have given up my will and all the things I wanted so that I could do my Heavenly Father's will and do the things He wants me to do. Though it is a big sacrifice living my life this way, on a mission for God for 2 years, I know I will be happier, and I can strive to make others' lives happier as well. And even if I don't teach many people or help many people come to Church and be baptized, I can and do still serve others in any other way I can, spiritually or physically. It's a tough life, but it is incredibly rewarding.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

I think it's simply because many people aren't aware of what Mormons are like, and what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints actually teaches. As an example, how many people today believe that Mormons are polygamists, though the practice was discontinued more than a century ago? People see cults as being secretive, strange, different, or even sinister. But I believe that anyone who mistakenly believes that the Church is a cult, and then sincerely listens to the message of the Church or gets to know a Mormon, will soon find how much they have in common with Mormons. We teach love, charity, honesty, and moral values, and above all, the center of our teaching is our Resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ. And we are very open about our message, and desire all to hear our message and see what the Church is really like. Misinformation, rumors, and misleading media can all cast the Church in a bad light, but anyone seeking to know the truth will find only love, light and truth here, nothing that defines a 'cult.' Show more Show less