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Hi I'm Robyn

Married 32 years, mother of two, grandmother of seven darling grand-daughters, a dance teacher in Cambodia and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to Dance! At this time I am teaching dance in Cambodia. It has been a wonderful opportunity. My passion has always been dance and teaching children. My earliest memory is dancing in the living room of my family home. I would put an LP record on the Hi Fi Stereo and dance to every song. When that side of the record was finished, I would turn it over and dance to the other side. My mother and father encouraged me to dance and gave me room to pursue my passion. When the space seemed too small, I would take the stereo outside and dance all over the backyard. While dancing I could imagine anything I wanted to be and sometimes my heart would take flight and I imagined myself soaring in the air. I have always felt closer to God when dancing. I always wanted to share my talents with others and I had a goal to teach children to love dance. Through lessons and opportunities to perform, I was able to quench the thirst I developed for dance and I want the same for my students. I have not had a spectacular career, as far as being a prominent figure in the world, however, I do believe that the students I have taught have learned to be confident in themselves and if I have been able to instill that in any of my students I feel like my efforts have paid off. Teaching dance has brought me much happiness in my life. The joy I feel when a child develops confidence in their abilities is something I truly cherish.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I was pretty complacent in living the gospel. I went to church and participated but did not have a burning testimony like I thought I should. After marrying a non-member and moving away from family, I came to the conclusion that I needed and wanted to know the truth for myself. I did not want to rely on others telling me what was true and knew if I were to find out for myself, it would take some effort on my part. My husband challenged my beliefs many times and I was determined to find answers to the questions he posed. Not for him, but for me. I've always looked at life as a big jigsaw puzzle. I love to do puzzles. When beginning, I put together the "frame" pieces first and next the detailed picture. I avoid doing the "sky" part until last because it takes a lot of effort, but without it, the picture is not complete. Using that analogy I set out to find the "sky" pieces of God. The first thing I did was read the Book of Mormon. Every morning I would read the scriptures, in private, and pray about what I was reading. The Book was familiar to me due to the lessons I learned at church, but now the things I was reading took on more meaning because I was truly interested. I used the footnotes, a lot, and compared what I was reading with the Bible. If I did not understand something right away, I would make a list and keep it for later. I prayed for understanding. Through studying, questions I had were answered and I would check them off my list. I could feel God in my life and while praying I would ask Him if He loved me. Words cannot adequately explain the feelings I had when receiving His answer. As the puzzle pieces came together, I recognized the beauty of God's plan for His children. I love Him for sending His Son, Jesus Christ to atone for our sins. I'm so grateful that I made the effort to study, ponder and pray. The gospel has blessed my life and given me direction and purpose.

How I live my faith

I begin by attending church each Sunday so I can renew myself to be a better person. Knowing that Heavenly Father loves all His children has given me a greater desire to serve them. With that desire, I try to use the talents God has given me. I sang in the Mormon Youth Chorus for 10 years, and choreographed and performed with a small ensemble as we toured the USA. Singing and performing gave me the opportunity to bear my testimony of the gospel through my talents. I have worked with youth groups in the church most of my life. I have directed and choreographed programs both in the church and outside the church. I have made personal the scripture declaration of Paul "if there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy", I seek after these things. I have wanted to create a good, wholesome environment in my classes and performances by using modest costuming and clean and uplifting music. It is not easy sometimes to sort through the junk, but it is worth it because there are so many beautiful things the world has to offer. Since coming to Cambodia, my love for His children has increased. I have learned so many things from the Khmer people. The desire to bring good into their lives has increased and so, I continue to try and use my talents in whatever way possible. My husband and I were called to Phnom Penh to serve a church mission. Since that time we have continued to live and teach here. I have been teaching two and a half years at an International School where for two years I was the Elementary Performing Arts teacher and now I am doing free-lance work as a dance teacher. My responsibility was to teach from 150 - 200 students. I felt, and still feel, a great responsibility to introduce them to good music, dance and drama. Children are receptive to beautiful things. I have appreciated the opportunity to use the talents I have been given to glorify God. I pray that He is happy with what I am trying to achieve.

What is faith?

There is a children's Primary song that says, Faith is knowing the sun will rise, lighting each new day. Faith is knowing the Lord will hear my prayer each time I pray. Faith is like a little seed, if planted it will grow. Faith is the swelling within my heart, when I do right, I know! I have a personal testimony of having to develop faith (like the seed). I had to plant the seed and then do all I could to nourish it. Sometimes it took a little fertilizer, like fasting, to boost it's growth and that took effort and most of all (the hardest part) patience. My first experience with trusting the Lord, and experimenting with faith came after I had been married to a non-member for four years, had gone through my own conversion and had two children. I desired for my husband to learn about the gospel and be receptive to the beauty of it. He had no desire at all. What could I do? I could not force him against his will, so I decided I would try planting the seed. I told Heavenly Father of my desire and then went to work on making sure my life was in line with the Lord's plan. It was helpful to have my children learning about the gospel and the Savior, Jesus Christ, as it presented and opportunity for my husband to learn from a distance. During the 10th year of our marriage the seed sprouted. It began to grow. My husband recognized truth in what I was teaching our children. I thought many times it would never happen. But it did and my husband has grown into a beautiful plant. Show more Show less