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Hi I'm David Tran

I love adventure and try to always look on the bright side of things, I'm a Latter-day Saint.

About Me

There's nothing much about me, it's very simple; simply having fun - laughing. I enjoy my games, sports, anything active that also provides a great opportunity to meet others, general entertainment and laughing; very casual and laid back enjoying life. I can be serious, but it's an uncommon occasion, when it's required; My motto is to lighten up as there a many people out there who just take life too seriously. Sunny side up, enjoy life; that's my personal philosophy.

Why I am a Mormon

Simply put, the power and witness of the Holy Ghost. While searching for the truth, I had a friend who had studied through various religions and found his own path. He mentioned to me about the people who walked around in suits, white shirts and ties, driving Corollas, and said that they were crazy, that I should avoid them. Joke or not, I went along with it. Well, the first things the missionaries said to me when they approached me was (along the lines of) "You might have heard that we're crazy, but we're not". The ball starting rolling there on. A few lessons in, we reached the point where I was asked to pray to know, and I did just that. There's no denying the Holy Ghost, it was that simple; the church is true. It wasn't a simple prayer to get an answer, I made sure I got a specific answer so that my own thoughts, opinions, perceptions, and feelings, would not get in the way of my answer. During a lesson, I expressed how I received my answer that the church was true, but was unsure of baptism at that point in time. During the closing prayer I was doing after that lesson, I said in the prayer that I knew the church was true and that I wanted to get baptised; there's no denying the Holy Ghost. It's that simple, that's why I'm Mormon, because I know it's true through the power and witness of the Holy Ghost. I don't know answers to everything, but I know the church is true, and life is a journey; we learn and grow each step.

How I live my faith

Nobody's perfect, but it's because we try that the Atonement can be applied to our lives. That's simply how I live, to the best I can. With that being said, I will admit I do have my lazy side, but each step of the way as I work that lazy habit out of my system, I try, I do, and when I actually do something, I try and give it my all. It's funny how people will say 'you can't try' because you either do, or don't do. I think this is true in essence as the result is either you haven't, or have. The inbetween is where the 'try' is. Doing my best to follow the commandments, finding time to serve others, providing what capabilities and capacities I have to help others, truly looking at Jesus Christ as an example of the things I should do, that's what I try to do. All this, having faith in Jesus Christ, I find myself having the energy and resources to do this. The biggest key factor is simply that all these things should be a natural part of us, that is my goal for how I live my faith. Faith in Jesus Christ should ultimately lead to all the above and more, that's my belief, and how I live my belief, in faith. Faith without works is dead, it's that simple.

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

David Tran
In relation to chastity, I always felt reserved for marriage unless love was so sure beforehand. But the question was the difference between love and lust; it is a fine line between the two. Understanding what I know now, I see love as something natural, when your physical intimacy is natural within the convenants of marriage. If there is any plan or idea for the physical intimacy, even out of good intentions, it is lust. When both spouses truly love each other and have that intimate relationship, planning should not be required - only patience and understanding. With that mind set, modesty plays a big role. It's funny how science will elevate ourselves that we are human and have the capability to think and progress, but justify desires they have with "we're just animals - with a more capable brain". The attraction people have for each other often lead to desires; this in turn leads many to believe they need to expose their body, have a certain physique, to gain more recognition and desires for themselves, to feel good. And many times when these desires are expressed, people believe it is love. The real question is, is it love? Or is it lust? Is it a desire to love the person? Or an attraction to the body only? Modesty plays a large role in presenting yourself with virtue, that you have confidence in yourself, regardless of how society views you. Society many times judges on the body, lust. True love judges on personality and morals, and the good things of virtue. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Holy Ghost? Who is the Holy Ghost?

David Tran
The Holy Ghost plays a powerful role in the church; one of its roles is to reveal truth. Here's an example; There are many people who believe the Bible, why? The Bible gives great guidance in how we can live our lives happily when we understand it, it can provide comfort in times of needs. There are many miracles from God and our Saviour Jesus Christ contained in it. A lot of times, the belief in God and Jesus Christ at this point is because they believe in a higher being, where so many things in this world could not possibly be a mere coincidence. A belief in a God is established, and by historical means, the Bible provides a lot of knowledge, and more specifically, physical evidence. A lot of the physical structures and historical sites in the Bible can be found in the real world, with more to discover. Thus people believe. Yet, why are there so many who deny it? They believe in science, theories tested to find answers; have we really found all the answers, or are we truly still looking? The Holy Ghost is important because no matter the physical evidence, logic of man, or science experiments, the Holy Ghost is a spiritual and special witness from God that the things we do not fully comprehend are and is true. How does this apply to Mormons? I prayed to know if the church was true, I felt the Holy Ghost's witness that it is. Friends ridiculed me due to a lack of physical evidence; there are - They didn't understand the scriptures or know where to find the evidence. Show more Show less