What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Sariah

I'm a starving student, a musician, an optimist, a hopeless romantic, a lover of all things chocolate, and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am an average girl trying to live an extraordinary life. As a 23-year-old I have many decisions to make in the next coming years - who will I marry? What will I study? What path will I take? Where will I live? Right now I am in the midst of trying to figure it all out and I'm not sure exactly of all that I will do in my life - But I am grateful to know that there is a God who knows me and loves me and I can rely on to lead me in the right direction.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because the teachings of Jesus Christ are what make me truly happy! I have studied and learned and spoke with different people from every religion out there - and I know for a fact with every single part of my soul that this really is the Church of Jesus Christ. The complete and absolute truths about the Godhead, the purpose of this life, the life after this life, our families, the commandments, and the scriptures are found within this church. It is more than an organization. It is lead by a prophet of God who directs us in the same manner the Lord himself would if her were here. You couldn't pay or bribe or threaten or give me any kind of reward to leave or deny what I know about this church. This is it. There is nothing that brings me more happiness.

How I live my faith

It's in the little everyday things. I pray when I wake up in the morning, throughout the day, and when I go to bed. I study the scriptures each day and ponder on the things Jesus has taught. I try to look for opportunities to serve those I come in contact with. I strive to keep the commandments and withstand temptations. I am no where near perfect and I make mistakes each day - but I am grateful for my Savior and that because of him I can repent and change and do better each day. He gives me hope and inspires me to make my life the very best it can be.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Because they are uneducated and hardly know a thing about us. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

It's like when you see a good movie and you just HAVE to tell everyone you know to go see it. The gospel of Jesus Christ makes us so happy and brings so much joy into the lives of families we want the world to know about it! Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

No one is "required" to serve a mission. The prophet has asked that all worthy Young men serve a mission, and women have that option as well if they feel it is right for them. I served a mission in Washington D.C. and it was the most wonderful and uplifting experience I've had so far in my life. I LOVED it! It wasn't a picnic of course, but it was a special time to me where I was able to meet people from all over the world who I fell in love with while serving them and most importantly was able to come closer to God. Those who have an opportunity to serve a mission are absolutely blessed in indescribable ways for their service. I wouldn't trade it. Show more Show less

What blessings can we receive through the gift of the Holy Ghost?

When I keep the commandments and strive to have the Holy Ghost with me I feel peace. With the Holy Ghost as my companion each day I do not feel alone, but closer to God and it is easier for me to make wise decisions. The Holy Ghost brings thoughts and ideas to my mind as to how I can be better, and when I should repent. He helps me to fell the love of God, and to better communicate with him. He helps me to better understand the scriptures and to understand and recognize truth. The Holy Ghost speaks to my entire soul. It is the greatest gift I have received in my life. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

I'm the oldest of five children and I LOVE my family! I love them because we spend time together, we've grown up praying together, studying the scriptures together, serving one another, and learning from one another. My family, especially my parents, have taught me how to love and care for others, how to develop Christ-like attributes, and how to be a better person. They have instilled in my confidence, diligence, and a love of God because of their examples and love for me. They help me to progress. I am so grateful and it brings me peace to know I can be with them even after we leave this life. Show more Show less