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Hi I'm Carl.

I'm a husband and father of five.I work as a test engineer at an aerospace company. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My wife and I have been married 30 years and we have 5 children. Our 15 year old is the last one at home! We try to keep our life simple. Honestly, life is bigger than I am. My energy is pretty much used up in a regular day of work and keeping a household running. We are not high achievers by the world's standards. We are people of simple means and moderate accomplishment, and we just want to be happy. It's been a challenge to keep a good job and helping the kids through college. But our family is our most important focus. It all centers around the family. I love to work on old motorcycles and get them running. I've owned over 20 motorcycles in my life. My two dual sport motorcycles have been over trails in wilderness areas of the mountain west in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming. I'm fluent in Spanish. My wife and I have been fortunate enough to travel in Denmark and Okinawa, Japan.

Why I am a Mormon

We have deep family roots going back several generations in the Lutheran church. My parents joined the church a year before I was born. It was a big change for them. But growing up in Iowa, by knowing something about my friends' and neighbors' religions, I knew that being a 'Mormon' was different. As I grew older and better understood the issues of life and the doctrines of various sects and religions, I grew deeply grateful for blessings of a living prophet, modern revelation, and the scriptures. The clarity of the purpose of life and our personal relationship with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has been fundamental to our daily happiness. What a great power it is to know that birth into the world was not our beginning, that we lived before this life with our Father in heaven. That this world was created for us to come and learn valuable lessons by our own experiences. We have been given the great gift of freedom to choose and act as we please. By so doing we see for ourselves the natural consequences of our choices, to be happy as we do that which is right, or miserable as we choose that which is wrong. When we make bad choices that alienate and separate us from our Heavenly Father, there is a way back through the atonement of our savior Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon offers the clearest of teachings on the atonement of Jesus Christ, explicitly taught by ancient prophets of the American continent centuries ago. The testimony of the Book of Mormon with the Bible and instruction of modern prophets and apostles are so rich in clear doctrine and principle so as to remove all doubt about our God and the purpose of life. Jesus Christ lives! Our Father wants us to return to him and enjoy eternal life with him!

How I live my faith

My wife and I take the lead in teaching our children the Gospel by example and instruction in the home. The organization of the church supports us directly by its regularly scheduled meetings and activities. The members of our church congregation have all promised to follow the Savior and serve each other. There is great peace and power in combined effort. We are united in purpose and our dedication to serve. We have committed to study the Savior's life and do our best to follow him. As a father, it is my role to teach and invite, to serve and assist. Like the Savior, who washed his disciples feet and invited them to follow him, mine is stewardship of love, loving instruction, encouragement, and service. Never did the Savior demean, push, or anger. Likewise, true to the Savior's great legacy and perfect example, mine is an invitation to apply all kindness, patience, love, and temperance to the eternal purpose of raising and rearing our Heavenly Father's children. It is a partnership of supernal challenge and joy. I take the lead in family prayers and Gospel discussions in the home. My wife assists me in all aspects of our spiritual and home affairs. I am continually grateful as my sweet wife offers simple, but direct requests to Heavenly Father in prayer, to bless and watch over our children in their daily activities and personal challenges. What child would not be positively affected by hearing these petitions from their parents? This simple practice of regular family prayer invites our Heavenly Father to lovingly respond to our humble requests. We are grateful for the daily answers and His loving care for us. Would you not take my invitation to do the same in your home?

What is the Law of Chastity?

As members of the church we have been taught clearly from youth that physical intimacy and sexuality are sacred. They are the power to initiate life and begin families. It is central to our Heavenly Father's plan for life and happiness. Our Father has commanded us to abstain from these physically intimate relations before marriage and that after marriage they are only appropriate between husband and wife. Every child deserves to be born into a family where they are wanted and loved and where the mother and father truely love each other and are committed to eternal principles. This is a family in which their long term commitment to each other is founded in genuine care for the well-being of all and obedience to Heavenly Father's commandments. It is not an unrealistic, Puritanical falsehood, but a true recipe for happiness. Physical intimacy and sexuality are a vital part of marriage, but the union of marriage goes far beyond the simple physical aspect. It is deliberate fidelity to spouse and God with all its far reaching blessings and joys. I have watched friends, neighbors, and co-workers fall to the false teachings of the world and not be able to acheive and sustain a happy family life. The world teaches self-indugence, shallow relationships, and ridicule or abandonment of true principles of morality. Repentence and faith in our Savior is the only way to completely repair and cure the miseries of immorality. Show more Show less