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Hi I'm bob

originally from logan utah , we moved to northern california where i grew up in oakland . i'm a mormon .

About Me

i'm mostly retired , and enjoy playing golf . i was a painter so i still paint small jobs and i enjoy re-finishing furniture . i watch too much t.v. , and read scriptures . i have experiencee with 12 step programs and participate in the l.d.s. addiction recovery program . because i i am able to do so , i work in and around a temple as much as i can . that's it .

Why I am a Mormon

i was born into the church , but left when i was around 15 . we moved to northern california when i was young and it was hard for me . i met kids that introduced me to smoking and drinking , and the wrong path was easier and more popular . i drifted from right things and got into a lot of trouble throughout my entire life . i didn't go to school beyond high school . i worked many jobs , just bouncing around . i was divorced twice and have one son , 32 , that won't talk to me . all my life i had a big hole inside me that i tried to fill , with bad things . at 62 years old i was laid off and couldn't get work . i was very angry and didn't know what to do . i felt like ending it all . but i never did not believe in the l.d.s. church . so i mustered up all my strength and called the missionaries . then i found my bishop . i went to the ward i was in and stayed there . i did everything i could . i met with misssionaries every day . as time went by , anger eased . my faith grew . i had come home . i love the church . i love the gospel . i love the missionaries . i have experiences from my past that enable me to help members that are having trouble with their lives . this is the only thing and way to fill the big hole in me . the teachings are logical . they do not contradict . they answer , where am i from . what am i doing here , and where am i going . i'm a mormon . it just feels good , and right . that's it .

How I live my faith

since i came back to the church , i have studied those things necessary to enable me to progress . in oakland , i was one that worked with missionaries , and had much success bringing new members on board . i got involved with the churche's addiction recovery program , that comes from 12 step work that i am familiar with . i enjoy working with people that have problems . i am helpful . i earned the right to enter the temple . i go there often . our temples are sacred holy places where many lessons are learned and many blessings recieved . they are for everyone to benefit from , once permission to enter has been earned . i work in the temple . i paint in the temple . i work on the grounds . all this is volunteer work . i do not smoke or drink and i don't cuss , (anymore) . i go to my meetingss . i try to help . i smile . i am faithful to the teachings of my church . i realize i will make mistakes , and that's o.k. now i just try to be better . that's it

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

once again , it's logical and makes sense . don't smoke . don't drink . don't use coffee or tea , because of the addictive effects of caffeine . don't use illegal drugs , and i think don't abuse prescription drugs . years ago people thought it was just the mormons having dumb rules . not now . now doctors say the same thing . people that can't see this are in denial . i'm not making this up , it's just true . with no religion involved , it is just common sense . now , if we DO these things , we are blessed with health , clear eyes , clean smell , and the knowledge that we are doing the right thing . it doesn't need to be anything more than that . that's it . Show more Show less