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Hi I'm Jacob Stank

I'm from Germany but I speak English as well. I will finish school in one year so I'm preparing to become a missionary.

About Me

Like I said in my Introduction, I'm from Germany. I'm 19 years old and still attending school. I studied English for 9 years, so maybe it isn't perfect but I think everybody could understand me. I've got one older sister, she is a good example to me. I followed her example when she decided to get a better graduation. And when I have problems I can always talk to her. I still live at home with my parents. Even tough I have some differences of opinions to them I love them. They taught me many principles and because of them I have become who I am. At school I'm attending a Gymnasium, it's the highest school level in Germany, and I get special lessons of Maths and Physics. These subjects are fun but I can't wait to leave school, 12 years are enough. My hobbies are DJing, I'm a resident DJ at an Internet radio, and I like to dance to the music. I love nearly all kinds of electronic music. The dance style is called Jumpstyle, it's a European kind of dancing from the Netherlands. Some people think it's impossible to be a member of the LDS Church and to be active in the music scene, but my friends share respect to my religious principles and because of that it's going to be all right. I also love to do Sport. It's a kind of fun to go out just for a run in the forest. I like many kinds of team sport like volleyball or soccer but I never really trained it and so I'm not that good at all.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a member of the LDS Church since I'm 8 years old and got baptized. My parents are also members so I'm raised in the gospel. Well of course people accept the principles they perhaps wouldn't when they heard everything from the beginning of their birth but raised in the Gospel or not someday comes the moment when you ask yourself "Is this all true what everybody tells me here?" I'm glad to had this question for the first time before I got 8 years old so with my 7 years I thought about it. I told nobody that I had some reservations but I heard in a lesson at home or at the church, I don't really remember where exactly it had been, that when we are not sure we can ask our heavenly father if these things are true. I never even thought that there could be no god, because it seemed so real for me and I just couldn't imagine that all the nature around me had become without a creator. It was just more logical when I looked at pictures from other planets, I was really excited in astrophysics since I was able to think, there was no nature, just wasteland. So it was clear to me that there must be a creator and I prayed to this creator and asked him if it's right. Well there was no angel telling me but I felt a kind of peace in my heart. At that time I did not know if it's right but I believed it. And I thought at the beginning it's enough believe in Christ to get baptized. I had the same experience to other questions like "Is the Book of Mormon true?", "Had Joseph Smith been a prophet" and so on. And when I not excepted but believed all these things, I began to see the love of my savior. I saw how prayers worked according to the faith of the people, I felt how the Holy Ghost worked with me and I saw people changing their lives and become better humans because of the Gospel and because of the Book of Mormon. This is why I'm a member of the church.

How I live my faith

I'm very lucky that my friends accept my principals. But this was not always the case. To my principles count the standard principles of the church like not drinking alcohol or consuming tobacco. I do not just live it because the Church says "Do it", I see the sense in it. I don't keep any commandments I don't understand the sense of. Maybe I did so in the beginning, but sometimes you just need to practice to see the sense in it. For example: Why do I not drink? - We see it everywhere in our society. People who consume too much alcohol getting out of control. They force each other and get violent. Another point is the addiction. Perhaps I don't get addicted if I'll drink one cup of beer or something. But there are people who do so. And why should I? When I ask people why they are consuming alcohol they tell me "It's fun". Is it fun to drink 1 cup of? I don't think so, I can drink other things I like more, for example Root Beer. Many families get disturbed because of alcohol. Many parents get in trouble because of it, so they exit their relationship and the children have to grow up without a father or a mother. I don't want to do these things just for fun. I also don't have a problem when my friends decide to drink alcohol. Freedom is a very important principle in my life. Everyone has the freedom to choose so my friends have also. When they think it is right or it is worth they can do it. So I don't force anyone to think the way I think, but I'm sure sooner or later they will understand my opinion. It is very important to be strict to the rules. When the people around me see that I partly get rid of them, they try to tell me that it's not that bad to continue. So I live like telling my friends what I am doing and choosing friends who respect my decisions.

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

Jacob Stank
Men and women do have different abilities and because of that they do other things in the church. A priesthood leader needs a special kind of support and woman can give this support to the men. Well when I say support I don't mean that the women should fulfil all wishes of their husbands, but they can help their husbands in an encouraging verbal way what most men are not able to do. Surely there are exceptions but it's almost this way. Another aspect is the raising of the children. The world says sometimes that it's a kind of derogatory to say "women should stay at home raising the children" but nearly every prophet said that the family is the most important thing in our life. It's more like it's better when the woman does this most important job because she can almost do it "better" than the man. When she really tries to raise the children in the way of the lord, she can give a kind of love to the children what men could never give. It is a great work and not derogatory in any case. Men and woman have the same worth in the eyes of the Lord. The scriptures are saying that they could not enter the kingdom of god alone. They need each other. But it's also the case that the woman is not more worth than man. In worth they are completely equal. They have different abilities which are all important. Show more Show less