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Hi I'm Dan

I'm a member of The church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints mormon and I believe in Christ

About Me

I live in Denmark. I am the father of two beautyfull girls and I am married and sealed in the temple to my Wonderfull wife. I love the savior and the fact that he has atoned for all of us. I enjoy photography, especially portraits but I take pictures of other things as well. Me and my wife do voluntary work and we try our best to do what is right, so that we will be good examples for our daughters to follow.

Why I am a Mormon

I converted to the church in 1994. My mother was a member when she was young, but was later excommunicated before I was old enough to remember it. Later on I remember the missionaries visting us. My mother helped them to train their danish, although I suspect that it was their way to stay in contact with her and our family :). I remember us going to church at holidays and so on, but only a handfull of actual sacrament meetings. I don't remember us praying or reading in any scriptures. In 1994 I found out that while I was in the military (11 months of drafting), my best friend had been talking to the missionaries, going to church and so on. I also started talking with them and soon after my friend was baptized and so was I. I only went to church two or three times and then stopped coming and I started to live my old life, I became inactive. Two years later my friend came home from a mission. At this point I had a girlfriend and we even had a house together. I had felt stirrings in my heart once in a while and I had also talked to the missionaries every now and then. My mother had also been re-baptized and was now a member. When my frind got home there was a welcome home gathering that we also attended. My friend gave a talk about the missionary work, how it was allways the last door in a building or the last house on a street that they were invited in. I immediately had a flash back to just before my friend left for his mission. He asked me "Have you done enough to find out if the church is true?" That day I decided that I hadn't. I started reading the scriptures (mostly the book of mormon) I prayed and I got the missionary discussions again. One day while reading, I prayed once again but felt nothing. Then I declared to my self " I do believe in this one scripture. And then it came, the most wonderful feeling of truth and love in one emotion and I now had my testimony. I know the church is true and that Jesus Christ is my savior and yours too.

How I live my faith

At this time I am and adviser for the leader of my local church. I love working with him and the other organisation leaders and have a strong testimony of their callings. I go to church every Sunday, I tell everybody that I am a mormon and try to be a good neighbor. Sometimes being a member is hard, there are not that many members in Denmark and our moral standards are very different from most peoples. For the most part it is not hard though, most people accept my standards and "Weirdness" and I respect their choices in life. I also know several Seventh day advents and our girls go to an advent school. I love meeting people from different beliefs and try to find our common ground and where we can support each other. There our so many things in which we are a like, especially when we are comparing values and I strongly believe, that it is important that we work together to spread these values.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

The Apostle Paul taught that “neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord” 1 Corinthians 1111. In the sight of God, and in the marriage relationship, men and women are equally important. I strongly believe that men and women are equal and that they through their differences can become a perfect unit for bringing up children and being of service in church and society as a whole. We do not hold the same responsibilities and we are not to be or do everything that the other gender is or do. What is important is to recognize, that we are of equal value. This does not only apply to gender but also to social class or occupation. Which is most important, the student or the teacher? None of them, they are equally important and even sometimes trade places, so that the student become the teacher and the teacher becomes the student. Yes the student can study with out the teacher but he will be much better if he has a teacher. So it is with men and women, they can do everything that the other does except a few biological things but they are stronger together filling out their respective parts in a relationship. Show more Show less