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Hi I'm Andrea

I'm a young wife and mother, a twin sister, and student, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a recent mom and married- and to a wonderful man. Our ceremony occurred in the temple- and I wouldn't have done it any other way. The temple is a sacred place, and I feel at home there. I love being married, and I have a testimony that marriage was ordained of God. I now strive to live my life seeking ways to support him always, and think of him before I think of myself. I am not perfect, but we choose to love each other with all our hearts and I feel the Savior's help in our relationship as we strive to obey the commandments and remember him. God is the third member of our marriage because we married in the temple, and I joy in the way that God has prepared for families to live together forever. Our little girl is the most wonderful gift to our family, and I love being a mom. I have a testimony of family and we are trying our best to raise a beautiful daughter of God. We will never be alone in our efforts. I am a twin sister. My amazing sister is now living in another city, and I miss her very much. Growing up with a twin sister taught me to listen, we grew very close and I learned to trust her completely. We often helped each other become more Christ-like. From this experience, I have learned that God knows exactly how to teach us. I believe a part of my education here on earth is having a twin sister.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Faith of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My parents took us each week to church, and they set the example by always fulfilling their callings. A 'Calling' is a term used for positions in the church, such as teaching young children in Sunday school or managing the use of the building. leaders of the church pray carefully to know who should have certain callings. Work done in the church is completely voluntary. At a young age, I found it very necessary to know that the Book of Mormon was true for myself. I remember telling this to my mom, and she encouraged me to go and read the book, and then pray as we had been encouraged so I could receive an answer from my Father in Heaven. I went into our house's guest room upstairs and pulled out a copy of the Book of Mormon. I started to read the pages, and was careful to notice how I felt while reading the story of Nephi. A warm feeling overcame me, and I felt just as I knew I would that the Book of Mormon was true. I believe that anyone in the world, even a grandma who has been a member of the Church her whole life, can pray and ask to know or reconfirm that the Book of Mormon is true. God always wants to tell us when we ask him. I have had many experiences in my life to test my commitment to stay faithful to Jesus Christ. I moved away to school to a dorm with no parents to push me to get up on Sundays to go to church. I never missed a week. I soon was asked to serve in a calling that i felt inadequate for. This prompted feelings of "am i good enough?" and I even started to question my own testimony. I had served before, and thought that I would never doubt my testimony that the church was true. It was hard, but I prayed a lot. I accepted the calling and sought for the Lord's help. I found myself begging for help- I did my part and listened carefully and studied diligently. I came again to know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true.

How I live my faith

I live my Faith by reminding myself constantly that I am a daughter of my Father in Heaven. I lived with him before I came to this earth, and it is to Him that I want to return. I love Him. I search for ways to serve others and the Lord, with my husband or by myself. I go to church each week and try to partake of the sacrament (the passing of the bread and water to the congregation to remind us of the Savior Jesus Christ) with a repentant heart and be worthy of it. The sacrament to helps me use Christ's atonement. I read the scriptures and listen to talks given by the Lord's prophets and apostles on LDS.org. I visit sisters where I live to check up on them and share a message- this is a program in the church called visiting teaching. I pray to have the Lord's spirit with me, and I speak to him humbly as my Father and also the God of all the Heaven and the Earth. He deserves my solemn reverence and I know he loves me as his child, so my faith and prayers reflect it.