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Hi I'm Juli

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in Michigan. I started a non profit to help teach about the US Constitution.

About Me

My name is Juli. I am married to a dentist and we have three children. My parents joined the church in 1974 and my husband was born in the church. I have a bachelors degree in music from Brigham Young University. My husband and I met at BYU right after I returned from serving a mission in North Carolina. My hobbies include singing, genealogy, and exercising at a local gym. I have served in the community both as a member of the symphony board for our local symphony and as founder and president of a charitable corporation that teaches about the founding fathers and the US Constitution. This year has been a busy one for our family. We did an addition on our house while living in it (that was an adventure) and then landscaped the front yard by ourselves! My husband serves as a first counselor to the bishop of our ward and I teach a class on family history once a week. Our oldest son is preparing to serve a mission for the Church in San Jose, California this fall.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents joined the church when I was 7. I still remember my baptism day when I was almost 9. It was Valentines Day 1976. My father baptized me and gave me the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He was always a great example to me of faith in God and service in the Church. The very first time we visited the Mormon church I felt that there was something special about it. I was only 7 years old then, but I still remember clearly how happy I was to be there. I remember the first time I felt the Holy Ghost and recognized it. I was in a Sunday School class when I was 10 years old. The class room was not fancy, but the feeling that I had that day as we discussed Joseph Smith was a sunny bright feeling that I will never forget. As a teenager I remember many special experiences participating in the early morning seminary program and attending the temple in Washington DC. I am a Mormon today because of all the many spiritual experiences I have had in the church throughout my life. I remember the night before my mother died. She was seriously ill and I was struck with fear for her well being. As I prayed for strength to be able to take care of her, I felt a strong impression to read a passage in the Book of Mormon. As I read that verse I was filled with a clear understanding that the Lord was aware of my Mother and that there had never been a time when He had forgotten or forsaken her or our family. I knew then that He loved her... and that I was not to fear for her. I am so grateful for that experience and many many others that I have enjoyed throughout my life. I am a Mormon today because it brings me closer to my Savior. I feel His love for me and my trust in Him grows the longer I serve Him. I know that this church is true. I can't imaging what life would be like without the understanding that I have gained about our Father's plan for me and for all of His children.

How I live my faith

I learned to serve in the Church mainly from my father's fine example. He served as a Bishop as well as in many other roles in the church. There was nothing he wouldn't do for those in need. He is still this way to this day. Service in the church for me has taken many, many forms. I have served as a youth leader several times. I have taught Sunday School and daily scripture lessons to youth and adults. I served a mission in North Carolina. I currently serve as a Sunday School teacher to adults who want to learn more about researching their family histories. I also visit members in their homes and help them with questions that they have about doing their family history. I have found that doing my own family history gives me a sweet sense of belonging as I search for my ancestors and learn more about their lives and their personal stories.it is a joy to help others to have similar experiences with their families. I am very grateful for my calling as a Family History Consultant. I am also assigned to visit three women in our congregation each month to give them a brief uplifting message and see that their needs are being met. This program is called Visiting Teaching, and every adult woman is assigned to visit in this capacity. I have made many good friends by fulfilling my calling as a Visiting Teacher. I also serve in my community when I can. I served as the president of our local symphony board about 10 years ago and was instrumental in helping the symphony become a year round paid organization. Last year I founded a non profit charitable corporation that is dedicated to teaching people of all ages about American History and the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers. It has been very rewarding to see how this message has touched the lives of both adults and teens and I look forward to watching our organization expand and grow.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

The other morning I was sitting on our front porch reading the scriptures and preparing for my day. I wish I could say that I am better at doing this every day, but I do try to discipline myself to spend this time as regularly as I can. While I was enjoying the coolness of the morning, the thought came to me so loud and clear "Heavenly Father created this world and He is in charge of all that happens here." This feeling came to my mind and heart in such a powerful way that I could not deny that it was from the Holy Ghost. I know that it is a simple answer, but when you learn it by the influence of the Holy Ghost it is something that you never forget, even though you may have heard it a thousand times. My experience reminded me of what the Book of Mormon prophet Alma taught when he said "All things denote there is a God yea, even the earth... and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator". Alma 3044 I had read this scripture many times, but that day, after knowing the scripture all my life, I realized that it was true. We cannot despair. He created this world and He knows how to care for it and save it along with all of His children who dwell here. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

We believe that Jesus is the literal Son of God. He lived with God, as did all of us, in the pre mortal realms. He was the best and brightest... the first of all of Heavenly Father's children... and our Elder Brother. In the premortal world, Jesus stepped forth and offered Himself as a ransom for our sins so that each of us would be free to be born to the earth and learn from our own experience the good from the evil. He is our savior... he atoned for our sins so that we, through faith in His name, can return to live again in the presence of our Heavenly Father. Jesus was the only man to ever live a perfect life upon the earth. As the literal son of God in the flesh, He had all of the attributes that God has. If we follow his perfect life, and repent of our sins when we fall short, his grace is sufficient for us. He atoned for our sins both in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross. He was laid in a sepulchre and was risen on third day. His resurrected body of flesh and bone was reunited with his spirit and He was seen and handled by his followers then. The Prophet Joseph Smith also saw Him and testifies of His reality, as do modern prophets and Apostles in the church. Because of His resurrection, all mankind will be resurrected when we are brought to stand before Him as our final judge. Knowing that He will be my final judge is a great comfort to me. He is the only one who is qualified to judge me and the life that I have led. Show more Show less