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Hi I'm Paul Shaffer

I'm a Mormon. I believe in God our eternal Father. Through His Son Jesus Christ, He has provided a way for us to become like Him.

About Me

I am retired from IBM where I worked for 30 years. I have 2 daughters and a foster daughter. Ihave hobies of working with computers, looking up data about my ancestors and storing it on a computer. I go fishing in the spring, summer and fall. I used to fish streams and small lakes, but the rocks have gotten too slipery so mostly I fish from a boat. I have an old boat with a 115 hp outboard motor that I have worked on to get it running and equipted to fish. I have a cabin in the mountains where we spend time when we can get to it. I have taken up working on snowmobiles. I buy old not running ones--because they are cheap -- and I get them to run. That way I have a way to get to my cabin in the winter time. Before snowmobiles, I cross country skied into the cabin. I have gotten old and the hour to an hour and a half that it took to get to the cabin and then the falling down when I skied down from the cabin got to be too much. Now all that time and effort goes into loading and unloading snowmobiles.

Why I am a Mormon

Before I was born, my mother and father were looking for a church they could beleive in. They met singing in the Methodest Church choir. My father was asked to join that church and he told them he did not believe what they taught. He was asked then why do you come to church? He said he liked to come to church and hear about Jesus but he didn't believe what they taught. After he and my mother were married, my mothers brother died in an auto acident. My mothers family were members of a break off group of the mormon faith who did not have a church in the town where they lived. There was a mormon church there so my grandmother ask the leader of the mormon church to conduct the funeral. There my father heard the plan of happiness that God our eternal Father designed for His children. My father turned to my mother and said, this is the church we will join. They teach what I have know to be true all my life. No other church that he was ever assoicated with ever taught what he knew to be true. This great plan of happiness was taught to me and my brothers and sisters and most of us know it to be true. God loves ALL of His children. That is everyone of us who live on the earth. He designed a plan where through His Son Jesus Christ we can return to live with Him and like Him. As He and Jesus Christ are we may become. That is what all of the commandments are about. I must learn to love as They do. I must learn to live in this world of toil and strife and not become engulfed in all the evil that is here. I must learn to be better each day. I make many mistakes in my daily walk, but I must learn from them and move on to becoming more like Them. I have heard life discribed as a play. I thiink maybe it is more like a movie -- without an end. No they lived happily ever after. I do believe we are to learn to be happy what ever comes along. Being Happy is not caused by what is about us but by what is in us.

How I live my faith

Much of my time now is spent serving in the temple. There we are taught the plan of happiness that God designed for His children. I have the opertunity of serving there 3-4 days a week. I officate in the ordinances preformed there and record what has been done. Working and serving in the House of the Lord helps me to learn how to live to be more like Jesus and my Heavenly Father. By preforming the ordinances for others I am teaching them they way to happiness and how they can live more like Heavenly Father and Jesus would have them live. On Sundays I teach a class that helps people find and record their ancesters. I share with them the things I have learned about how to find people who have died. Most of this involves the use of a computer. There are so many great tools now to help us find those who provided us life. I also have three families who my wife and I visit at least once a month. Today we stopped by one of the families and helped her plant flower pots. We also taught her how to adjust her sprinkler clock. The power went out and she lost the clock progaming. She also got some batteries for the clock so the programing will stay when the power goes out again. We will visit her and the other two families this Sunday and teach the law of tithing. This is the way Father has provided for the financeing His church. We pay tithing with faith. He has promised us a great return on our faith and we see that return in our lives every day.