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Hi I'm Paula Jean or PJ

I'm a Mormon. I'm a Chicago native and a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

About Me

My earthly sojourn began in January of 1945. Our home was just three blocks from Lake Michigan where my siblings and I spent much of our free time. We'd climb trees, swim at the beach, dive from the rocks into deep water and I would drool over the horses that traveled the bridle path. At thirteen I landed my first job; babysitting, which allowed me to pursue what would become my favorite passtime-horseback riding. Before long I was cantering over the same areas I had frequented as a child; the wind blowing my hair and my heart bursting with joy! As the years passed I began discovering other interests among which were art, music and writing. A couple of dear friends and I began singing together which eventually resulted in the formation of a female rock group with yours truly playing bass guitar Our sound was pretty full for three young girls and we were becoming popular when I met the fellow I would marry; the drummer of another group. We married six months later and soon will celebrate our 46th anniversary. Seven wonderful children and thirteen grandchildren later we're attempting to live our lives in meaningful ways caring for each other, family and friends. The one constant in my life from young childhood has been my strong feelings of closeness to and love for Heavenly Father and respect for His laws. I'm sure of His love for me and have felt it manifest many times throughout my life.

Why I am a Mormon

In the spring of 1972 I had an incredible experience while down on my knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. I heard a voice, as clear as any I've ever heard, say to me, "There is only one truth." This statement was not born of my imagination but was stated with true authority. It did not invite debate and was clearly a statement of fact expecting acceptation. Though there was no mention of religion in this statement my first thought was, "How do I find it?, (the true church) There are so many churches in the world?" I will be forever grateful for this singular experience and treasure it as no other. Six months later a pair of missionaries came to our door. We were having a gospel related discussion when one of the young men stated that there was a living prophet on the earth! This statement hit me with great force and before I had time to recover he added that there was a quorum of twelve Apostles on the earth! I had to know more! Both of these statements registered in my mind with great power in a way I had never experienced and were recognized as "truth". On October 29th, 1972 following seven weeks of diligent, prayerful fasting and study my husband and I entered the waters of baptism. It would be impossible for me to describe my feelings on that day except to say that I was on a spiritual "high" unlike anything I had ever experienced. Throughout the thirty-nine years of Church membership that followed, opportunities to learn, grow and serve have been abundant. The gratitude I feel for all of the many and varied blessings that have come to me since joining the Lord's Church is inestimable. The truly wonderful thing about searching for truth is that you need not take anyone's word. What is required is a sincere desire to know coupled with earnest prayer and a heart and mind open and ready to receive. Though I have found "the Treasure" I remain a sinner in need of instruction and forgiveness both of which are always available.

How I live my faith

I guess I've always had a tendency to want to help where help was needed and membership in the church really advanced that tendency. As a result many friendships have been and continue to be formed benefitting everyone involved. In addition, opportunities to serve in "callings" (an inspired assignment for an individual for which that individual has responsibility) created personal growth in ways not anticipated. Some of the "callings" in which I've had the opportunity to serve are: Inservice (for the Primany Organization), Targeteers teacher (8 & 9 yr. olds), Primary President, Young Women's President, Deaf Group Leader, Counseler in the Primary Presidency and the Young Women's Presidency, Family History Consultant and many more. Each of these experiences has had a very real impact on my life and, hopefully, on the lives of those pthers involved. Working with the children in the Primary organization has been one of the choicest blessings of my life. Each day is an opportunity to grow and to be an example for others. Applying what I learn from studying the scriptures and from lessons and talks given in church and other uplifting resources help me work on positive changes I want to make in my life. Though I've stumbled at times, more often than not, I've experienced a measure of success which credit I attribute to my Heavenly Father. Observing the example of, and working with others has provided encouragement and tenacity, strength and fortitude. People are amazing and working together we can overcome just about anything!