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Hi I'm Jen.

I love family. I love to serve. I love truth. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a work in progress... trying to conquer selfishness, increase patience, judge less, forgive more, and learn as much as I can to improve my relationships. I don't know if life is long enough to do and learn everything I want and need to. I have stacks of books to read, recipes to try, and memories to document. There is a season for everything, so right now I mostly cook, plan, teach, clean, and read to children. I believe my most important role is that of a teacher to my children. If I don't teach them, then society and the media will. There are all kinds of deceiving messages out there about self-worth, what will make you happy, and what is good. It can be confusing and misleading; that is why I seek truth. I believe in smiling at everyone because they probably need it. I love to travel with my awesome husband, try new things, and meet people. My favorite sound in the world, though, is my baby's laugh! I enjoy Thai food more than chocolate AND ice cream. :o)

Why I am a Mormon

I have enjoyed being a Mormon for different reasons in different stages of my life, but my reason for being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has always been the same: it is true. It is complete. It is pure and good and wholesome. We were created by a loving God who sent us to earth to receive a body, gain experience, and be tested. The gospel is the good news of a way to communicate with God, a handbook of instruction for life, and a Savior whose grace makes up for our mistakes and inadequacies. This gospel has the keys and power to perform miracles such as binding families together for eternity, healing the sick, and receiving revelation. My membership in this church has benefited my life in every stage: My childhood was ideal because my parents lived what they believe and I was taught by word and example how to be truly happy. They raised me with light, truth, and love. As a young adult, I was spared much turmoil and regret by adhering to personal commitments I made based on my beliefs. Knowing I am a daughter of God with divine potential, and believing those who taught me that going down certain paths would result in despair, kept me safe from problems with immorality, drugs, alcohol, cheating, lying, and stealing. I made it though those tough years with confidence and purity, both of which are priceless to me. Being a wife and mother gives me new perspective on the importance of my relationship with God. He has answers to all my questions - little or big - about life, relationships, and decisions. The more I seek Him and His help (which He so readily provides), the more my life is richly blessed. There is nothing that could convince me to walk away from this. Yes, there are some things I don't fully understand about this Church's history or doctrine, but I don't let them turn into doubts about it's truth. To me, it's simple: I have read the Book of Mormon and tested it. It's true. How can I deny the rest?

How I live my faith

Sundays have always been my favorite day because we turn off the distractions and focus on the stuff that really matters and improves our lives. Attending church is uplifting and overwhelming at the same time because I am reminded of all the things I need to work on improving, but feel confident I can change with the Lord's help. The teachings of the Savior are all interconnected... when I serve, the Lord increases my love for others, which improves my patience and decreases my tendency to judge. When I repent, Satan has less hold on my heart and my will, so the Holy Spirit can dwell with me, and guide/comfort me. When I choose to forgive others (whether small or large offenses), I am allowing the Atonement to work in my life. Jesus Christ did suffer for the sins of all, so if we hold grudges, withhold forgiveness and love, or seek revenge, we are denying the Atonement. It's a life-long endeavor to become like the Savior, so I try to be patient with myself when I make mistakes. The Lord wants us to be happy and keep doing our best. He will forgive us as we forgive others. The rest of my week is filled with reminders of what truly matters (thanks to direction from modern Prophets): family & personal prayers and scripture study, Family Home Evening, Church-related assignments that allow me to serve and grow, uplifting music, literature, and activities. These all strengthen my relationships with my family, God, and neighbors. The more I flood my life with light and truth, the more strength I have to draw from as I face challenges with hope and confidence.