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Hi I'm Stephan Tschiesche

I am a convert to the LDS Church. I am nothing special, but I believe in and love my Lord and brother Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon!

About Me

Well, no newcomer on this earth - but very much alive! I have a technical education in mathematics and physics and like to find proofs for the truth of the gospel and its principles within the application of the natural sciences. I am sportive - and so grateful for a healthy body which supports my activities! I am married, I love my wife. My children are grown and out of the house by now - and in fact they bring me great joy! I work hard (at least that's what I believe I do). Given the gifts I have I feel very much obliged to give myself in service to the community - even by the work I perform within my profession. I love the beautiful all around me: in nature, in art, in music, in literature, in conversation with friends. I am optimistic about the future - and there is still very much I'd like to explore!

Why I am a Mormon

Hm - I've been filling this section twice now but was logged off each time due to minutes of unattentiveness - so I wonder what the Lord wants me to put in here ... One day the missionaries knocked on my door. This was the first turning point in my conversion: I did invite them in. Although I did not believe what they taught me at that time I still realized I had to know the answer about the truthfulness of their message. I agreed to ask God in prayer - which I did. And there I received a clear and unmistakeable impression, of I kind I had not known before. I got baptized. After these many years of being a member I am unspeakably grateful for having been called by the Good Shepherd then! I am grateful for the missionaries who took the effort to bring the Gospel to me and to persevere in their endeavour! I am so grateful I accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ into my life - as it is the true and solid foundation for all I do, and all I am. In the process of maturing in the Gospel and the church I learned to receive guidance from the Holy Ghost, without which I would not want to be. In due time I have received the holy priesthood which enables and authorizes me to bless my familiy. Visiting one of the temples of the church allows me to re-evaluate my life and my relationship with my creator regularly. I am profoundly grateful for being able and called to serve - in the church, in my profession, in my daily dealings with God's children! I found I cannot go without being a mormon!

How I live my faith

In my profession I try to really help. That is, in supporting my customers I follow through the problems they and we face to a satisfying solution. I try to be honest and estimate my neighbour's concerns and longings as much as my own. I enjoy being with the members of my ward, to sing and pray together, to share our testimonies! I put effort into being patient with the people I meet, and the members of my own family - including myself. I strive to be considerate to their circumstances. I am ready and willing to testify of big and small truths - and and want to follow them by myselves. I suffer much from the effects of the bad things on the earth today. My heart goes out to the poor and the lonesome and the suffering. I feel part of my earthly calling is to support these as good as I can. I love to sing in the ward choir. I study the words of the prophets regularly and thoroughly - there is nothing more satisfying my spiritual hunger than this! I know there can be more of all: more righteousness, more genuine love, more faith, more service. So I have a goal before me constantly. And if I ever can I want to take all with me who are willing to follow!

Are Mormons Christians?

Stephan Tschiesche
Having read the Book Of Mormon for several times now I have come to appreciate its strong and deep spiritual testimony of the devine sonship of Jesus Christ! Starting from the first chapter until the very last the book talks about Christ, motivates to become like Christ, tries to convince that Jesus Christ is the saviour of the world and the redeemer of mankind. Are we Christians? By every fibre of the heart and the soul! Show more Show less

What is the purpose of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Stephan Tschiesche
When the Lord Jesus Christ walked the dusty roads of Palestine he had many peopel come to him and ask for a blessing. There came the sick, the inflicted, the poor, the lonely the despised, the despaired - and many more. The Lord had compassion for all of them. SO far as we know he blessed them and healed them and strengthened them. Consequently, he generally instructed them to change their lives. To let go of sin and sinful behaviour - or on the other hand give more needed service to others. The welfare services of the church are doing now what the Lord had done during his earthly ministry: the make the lame "walk" - through the donation of hundreds and thousands of wheelchairs to those unable to afford one. The welfare services give sight to the blind, support the battle against the threat of measles, sustain the lives of newbornes through proper nurse training. The welfare principles of the Church include helping people obtain education, get employed, receive consel in marriage, recover from addiction - and much more. All of that represents what the Lord would do were he here with us! - On the other side, there are a few principles attached to it! To retain the recipients' self-worth she is asked to contribute to the work to some extent and according to her capabilities. Every receiver of welfare services is urged to wisely use any donation for building her self-reliance. Welfare services is the Lord's work and the Lord's way to bless the memebers of the human family! Show more Show less