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Hi I'm Mike Livingston

I'm a bit of a klutz and very much a dork. I am currently returned from serving a full time mission. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Canada in September of '91. I lived in Florida with my awesome family of two parents and two younger brothers for ten years. Then, I served as a missionary for two years in southern California. I am attending BYUI, studying English Education. I have been married to my sweet and wonderful wife for almost a year now! I am vastly interested in video games (going so far as to be a snob and describe some particular examples as 'art'), in writing, in music, and in acting (I am a total drama geek). I intend to major in English when I return from my mission, and then hopefully teach it to the coming generations. Despite my love for the language, I struggle to S-P-E-L-L. I love to try and design games, and then to force my friends to play them; it pleases me when they find a concept I came up with to be interesting and fun. I cannot program much, so I mostly make campaigns, card games, mods and such... The games I make are not necessarily video games. I am a HUGE goofball. The defining feature I always hear from others regarding myself is that I am always happy, smiling, and full of energy! Like a big clumsy dog! ...That breaks everything. Well, I suppose I just have a lot to smile about!

Why I am a Mormon

:::BIG WALL OF TEXT::: Both of my parents are converts to the church (that is to say, they weren't always raised 'Mormon'), so I suppose it would be prudent to mention that a good part of my involvement in this church is their so lovingly raising me in it! I am very grateful to have this gospel - it is a strength in difficult times, and it keeps me grounded and SMILING! Though I was raised a member, I didn't always understand my faith or even believe. I have always been allowed to choose my own path; my 'conversion' didn't come all at once. It took time, but most of all, it took EFFORT. God did not let me know where His kingdom was without any work on my part. Eventually, I came to the certainty that this is the full, complete, restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Doubts fly with my testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the leaders of this church. Indeed, only recently I came to understand why it is that the Book of Mormon is so important. God is SMART. Seems like a mundane statement, but seriously - no better solution to the perplexing questions of religion in the world exists. If the Book of Mormon is true, this church is true - simple; elegant. The participant in question must still sincerely investigate and show desire and effort, but there is no room for doubt if you have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Most of all, I know that my redeemer, Jesus Christ, lives and loves us because of that book. My faith in Him is completely and utterly unshakable. The writers of The Book of Mormon are contemporary with the writers in the Bible, living on opposite sides of the world. The Gospel contained in the Book of Mormon is consistent with that found in the Bible. Anyone who sincerely reads from the Book of Mormon will quickly find it to be true. I did. And it is.

How I live my faith

Right NOW, I am pretty much doing school work, serving/loving my eternal companion, and Serving where-ever else I can.

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Mike Livingston
Here's the problem: there are many who live and die in this world, but who do not have a chance to be properly baptized. Here's the solution: proxy baptisms for the dead. This world that we live in is NOT perfect... But God and His plan for us is! Show more Show less