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Hi I'm Barb

I'm 28 years old and have 3 kids! I'm a mom. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have 3 adorable kids, who make my life totally awesome-HECTIC-but awesome! Growing up I would write in my journal about how I would never make my kids' lives miserable like my parents had made mine!! Unfortunately, I have kept those journals and now have to apologize to my parents, who, it turns out, raised me really well!! When I got married and suddenly became pregnant with my first daughter, I was shocked and a bit scared, but mostly excited to have a chance to raise a PERSON. How cool, right?! I was pretty sure I could do a good job-make mistakes, of course, but I'd do good-REALLY good!! Then they get here...and you start to realize that you are absolutely, without a doubt, gonna suck at this job. Because your "job" is a lot more than cuddling a sweet baby and changing dirty diapers. It's way more than just trying to clean up and make dinner and welcome your husband home with a smile. It's even MORE than reading your scriptures, saying your prayers, and going to church. IT'S WAY MORE! It's amazing to me how things change so drastically when you become a Mom. Everything from how long you get to sleep at night to having one or more bodily function ending up on your clothes at least once a day. But, thankfully, even the things like your perspective and understanding get to change. Gaining an outlook of hope and faith and learning to understand the amount of love a person can feel for someone else. THOSE are the changes that make being a Mom worth it.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I want to be. I have actually knelt in prayer, hopefully earnest prayer, and asked my Father in Heaven if I should, or maybe more like if I could, be a Mormon. Because life gets really tough. Even if you're a young, healthy mom, who gets to stay at home with your kids because you have a super husband. And he is totally willing to go to work and then come home and play with his family. And you have great parents. And you think you should feel fine, and happy, and complete..But life is tough. And when stuff happens, its easier to do things the 'worlds' way. You know, like, have a drink to calm down, or get a nanny to fold the laundry and run the kids to school, or 'exit' your life for a few moments in exchange for another, funner life to experience something different. Its tougher to stay and go talk to the bishop. Its tougher to choose to make dinner and get your kids ready for bed AGAIN and do the dishes so that your house doesn't smell. Its tougher to wake up on Sundays and get EVERYONE ready for church so that you can be late and end up running around the chapel chasing kids up and down isles, to NOT hear the lesson or talk. Its tougher to be a Mormon. BUT-its worth it. Its SO worth it! Its worth getting through the tough stuff so that the small glimpses of happiness, that seemed few and far between, feel so grounding and perfect and happen more and more every day. Its worth getting through the busy day to kiss your kids goodnight and have a family prayer in which your 5 year old blesses the dog to not throw up because he ate a toy. Its worth getting through church to hear the music of 'I Am a Child of God' ringing through the hall, and talking about the things you learned about at church that day when sitting down to a eat a gourmet Sunday dinner of chocolate chip pancakes. Its worth getting through the tough stuff to feel the Spirit tickle up your spine and KNOW its real, tangible. TRUE. That makes it worth being a Mormon.

How I live my faith

At church, my husband and I teach a group of 17 year old's 'Gospel Doctrine'. Basically, we read a lot of scriptures and try to break it down and understand what it means and how it pertains to us today in our lives. It's super fun! Sometimes you wanna kick them into shape and make them pay attention! But usually they're all totally awesome kids that are trying to do the right things. And always, when the spirit comes, they feel it. It's pretty cool. I also have taught the Primary children, which I SO love and miss! And I go visit other women that live in the same ward and chat with them about the teachings of the church and how we can try to live in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. I try to serve those women, and others, the best I can in ways like taking in dinner when life is hectic, or watching their kids, or stealing them late at night to go eat ice cream! Mostly, I try (and usually fail) to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. I try to be a bearer of his name, which means I try to show people the Love that He has for them, or act the way He would act. Like I said, I try hardest to be this, and usually this is the hardest for me to actually do, or be. BUT, I keep trying! And hopefully someday I'll be able to really and truly help someone see and feel the love that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us and that I feel so much of.