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Hi I'm Joshua Shoobridge

I'm a convert, a Tasmanian, a Missionary, a radio presenter trying to get the 2022 Youth Olympics to Hobart and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a convert to the church, baptized december 2007. I have been involved in many things including radio announcing, youth awareness committees, musical theatre and now I am serving as a missionary for the church in Australia. I love fishing, it is to me the only thing that is relaxing and tireing at the same time. If I could be any piece of furniture i'd be a tv, because I love people paying attention to me! When I conclude my mission I will be putting my attentions into getting the 2022 youth olympics to my home town of Hobart Tasmania, something I have been involved with since it was a joke about bringing the 2016 Olympics games to Hobart, it has now gained speed. Tasmania is a wonderful place, it is a perfect piece of heaven. The only place I can think of being home. When I was a youth I was involved in a community program to help youth in our municipality, I found great joy in helping others, and now as a missionary I have the chance to help people in so many ways. It is the best thing I have ever done, if you want Joy in your life, ask anyone who is a member of this faith.

Why I am a Mormon

Its a great question, why would a young man of the age of 20 change his life when there was no real need to. I had a great job, alot of friends and was doing well when it comes to the things that the world had to offer me. I met the missionaries through divine means. I lost contact with them and again through the hand of the lord I met these wonderful Elders who knew how to help me relise that I am a child of God, and so is everyone who has been and ever will be apart of this planets present organisation. I was able to learn how to humble myself enough to recieve an answer from the Lord, this is the truth. I don't believe in lies, I have faith in the truth. How could it not be true, God answered my prayers! That is why I changed my life. This is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

At the moment I am living life as a missionary, which is pretty strict so that us missionaries can be focused on the Lord. But when I finish up I will be living my life by the basics, the only way to have a stronger relationship with the saviour is, daily scripture study, morning and nightly prayer (family and personal) and church attendence. We need these to grow. Going to church helps us retain the gift of baptism. "Love one another, by this shall men know, ye are my disciples" I love to love, people who know me know I give hugs, and I love to make people smile. Being of service and sharing your talents can make you and others much more happier!

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

Joshua Shoobridge
In this day in age, being modest in appearence and in word are in all ways connected, the way one dresses and speaks shows how much self respect that person has. I live in a country where modesty is lacking. I also see, because of this factor, that chasity is also falling out of importance. If you speak in a vulger tone, your mind is also there. And once you have that in your mind, your body will soon follow. Parents, I see to many children, young and teenager, wearing clothing and using language that is not appropriate. In some cases around the parents, who should be teaching better doctrine. Show love to your child and teach them to dress and speak the way you see your children, as princes and princesses. They are that, children of God who is the Lord of all of us. A word of advice to girls who dress not as modestly as they should, if you dress like you have no respect, your future husband will not have respect for you. Lift your standards and dress like a grown up. Show more Show less