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Hi I'm Keith

I'm an aspiring film maker with plans to become an inspiring film maker.

About Me

Creativity is what gets me going and film making has become my focal point. It encompasses so many wonderful creative elements and the best pay off is when you inspire someone or encourage them along their way. I currently work on my own films with an emphasis in providing entertainment that builds and replenishes a viewer. Have you ever come away from a movie and felt horrible? It wasn't just the acting, it's the content. Believe it or not what we put into our minds in the form of entertainment can either build or break us. I started in film school at the local college but soon grew weary of the regiment of films I was being exposed to. Sure the films were done technically well, there was much I could have learned from the many directors techniques. But my soul just didn't find anything to live on from their stories or depictions. I found my irony early on, I love films but I love God and who he wants me to be more. So, I decided to re-invent the wheel and go out on my own to try and learn the film making process while doing so with stories that put life into me and hopefully others.

Why I am a Mormon

I was, born into an L.D.S. ( Mormon ) family. My father baptized me when I was eight years old which is the entrance to being a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm not a Mormon today because it is the church of my family, I'm a Mormon today because the church is truly Christ's. What does that phrase mean? It means all it claims to be. It is The church of Jesus Christ. When Jesus came to Earth he established the church to provide us with the organization ( church ) and authority ( Preisthood ) to make and keep the covenants that enable us to to live happy and be prepared for His heaven. All of humanity are the children of God, a literal Father in Heaven. Our lives here, in their many types and countless experiences are part of his plan to help his children ( you and Me ) to progress, to learn His joy. I trust Him. I'm Mormon because it is in the Church of Jesus Christ, one can find what our Father expects of us and the power to do it. The full potential of who we are is best realized in following the teachings He has set and placed in His church, given with a promise to help us grow in understanding and wisdom. How to live and find what we want most, joy.

How I live my faith

Knowing what God, our Heavenly Father expects of me, puts me in a position to act. Jesus Christ the Son of God was sent here to live as we experience it. He was sent with a purpose to show us how to live. I try to reflect what I learn of His example in my decisions. It isn't always easy. I try to live by serving others. One way I live my faith is when working on my films. I try to make sure what I am doing is right with Him. I also try to serve in my neighborhood taking care to look after the well being of the community. Sometimes this is as simple as picking up trash. I get to serve in the church as well, sometimes teaching in Sunday school or working with the Cub Scouts during the week. Again I won't say I'm perfect at living my faith but it is important for me to try. I'm sad when I don't get it right but have hope in doing it better the next time. For me the best way to say I follow Christ is by doing something about it and hope my actions speak for me. Recently A short film of mine received an award at a film festival. The award ceremony was to be held on Sunday. The Lord taught that Sunday (The Sabbath) is a day to set aside for Him, for resting from the usual cares of our work. While it was a delight to be given an award for the film, I chose not to attend the ceremony. How do I live my faith? By really trying to live it.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon was written by prophets of God whom He called to teach His children living in another part of the world ( the Americas ). One of these was a prophet named Mormon. These writings were kept on metal plates and preserved from one generation to another. The purpose of this record was to teach of Jesus Christ and to give the laws that He taught. This book of scripture is also to bear witness and aid in the testimony, that the Holy Bible is true. That the Accounting of Christ's ministry as found in the Bible is the word of God to be used for our instruction and testimony of the divinity of the Savior. The Bible was brought to the everyday reader through many efforts and having passed through many translators hands, became less than clear on many points of doctrine or what the correct interpretation of the law was to be. How many different points of view do churches have which all claim the Bible to be their source of reference? God is not the author of confusion, and for this purpose He mercifully gave another record which shares witness with the Bible and sets in order the teachings of the Savior. The two books are to be used together. The Book of Mormon is a translated record of scripture, translated by Joseph Smith Jr. in 1827. This record was delivered to him by an angel from God with the express command it be translated for the use of Gods children to establish them in the ways of Christ. To join the witness of the Christ as found in the Bible. Show more Show less