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Hi I'm Harris;

I am a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

About Me

I’m a Jewish convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am a semi-retired headhunter. In my more active days, I liked to body surf, swim, play volleyball on the beach, hike, go to parties, play games and drive sports cars. After my temple marriage, I enjoyed the companionship of my wife, my adopted and foster children, gardening, studying science, working on Temple Square, doing genealogical research and prayerfully searching the scriptures. Now, in order to prove that The Holy Bible is the word of God, I very much enjoy passing out many copies of The Book of Mormon to interested individuals. At church and when moved upon by the Spirit, I rejoice in speaking the truth in love. For I testify that those who yield to the enticements of Satan—a personage of spirit--and break God’s holy commandments will experience God’s wrath. On the other hand, it has been given to me to know that to the repentant soul God--an immortal, holy, glorious, resurrected man--is a loving, just, kind, forgiving and merciful parent forever. For I know that God, our Eternal Father, is a personal being. He is indeed the Father of His Son, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer and Savior of the world.Today, the church, under Jesus Christ, is headed by a modern Prophet like Moses.

Why I am a Mormon

For this writer, at age 22, my hunger for God peaked on a clear summer’s evening at my parent’s home. As I stood on the grass in our backyard looking up at the stars in the infinite expanse of space, I was led to vehemently cry out in my mind three times in quick succession, “I want to know the truth.” Although my body was semi-exhausted after this strenuous exercise, a calm, peaceful feeling came over me. I then knew there was a personal God and He had heard and answered my prayer. Before this divine experience I believed there was one chance in infinity that there was a God—I was an atheist or agnostic. In continuing my search to know God, I was led to pray, “O God, which church, if any, is right? This I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” The next day a strong impression, by power of The Holy Ghost, through the Spirit rested upon me saying, “It’s not the Catholic church, it couldn’t be; it’s not any of the Protestant churches, they came out of the Catholic church; it must be the Mormon church.” As I investigated the Mormons, I learned that Joseph Smith—1805 to 1844--actually saw God, the Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Their tangible bodies shone above the brightness of the sun, yet Joseph was not literally consumed by their visitation but rather was quickened and transfigured by them. I testify that this is verily true. Now, I ask what evidence do you have that there is no God or Christ or that Jesus Christ will not come again on the earth? I answer for you. You have only your opinion. Nevertheless, in all reality, you and I have absolutely all things on earth and in heaven that bear witness of these truths! Please think on these things. For to know God, you must have faith in Jesus Christ unto the repentance of your sins, be baptized—or in other words immersed--in water by one having divine authority and receive the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost—the baptism of fire--that you may have the truth of all things made manifest.

How I live my faith

My life went from no watchfulness of my thoughts, neither prayer, nor thanksgiving, to striving to do all things with prayer and thanksgiving. Now I labor to always direct my will, my desires, the intent of my heart, my feelings, my thoughts, my priorities, my choices, my doings, my life and my destiny to God. In thus laboring in the Spirit to please God and to sanctify myself through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, I have been made an instrument in His hands. I have been made of God a common man of virtually no reputation, a husband to the orphan and abused, one who imparts to the poor and needy, a father to the fatherless and motherless, a missionary to the lost, a peacemaker to the contentious, a comforter to the wounded soul, an eye and ear observer of miracles, one who magnifies his church callings and a consecrated Latter-day Saint with an eternal marriage. Ultimately, I hope to endure to the end in following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ and receive the gift of Exaltation and Eternal Life. In this way, I will be blessed to live with my family and loved ones eternally, in glory, in the Family of God. You may also do likewise, if only you will. O God, my Eternal Father, as I’m completing this blog I thank Thee for all things. With Thy grace assisting me, I will continue to glorify Thee by helping to bring many precious souls of Thy sons and daughters to Thee and may I continue to do Thy will and help to increase and expand Thy Kingdom throughout the cosmos “worlds without end.” This I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Grace is a work that one does for another that he cannot do for himself. By, in and through the omniscience and grace of God the Father, Jesus the Christ, the sinless Son, suffered in Gethsemane and on Calvary and paid for the sins of the whole family of Adam to the last man. Man who is in the image of God, can exercise faith in Jesus Christ unto repentance, he can do good works, he can serve others but he cannot save himself or pay for the sins of all mankind. Therefore, man must rely on works, merits,mercy and grace of Jesus Christ coupled with his repentance and good works in obeying the laws, ordinances and commandments of God in order to be saved and have his sins remitted by, in and through the grace of God. Moreover, as we rejoice in the Spirit of thanksgiving and prayer moment by moment, the divine grace or power of God in us enables us to do things that normally we cannot do of ourselves. These supernal works that we may do according to our faith in Christ by the grace of God, will be in harmony with the mind, will and purposes of God. They will always be of benefit to the world. Show more Show less