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Hi I'm Matthew

I'm a Mormon. I was born in Gravesend, County Kent, England. I'm an artist, Inventor, Father of Two and a Mormon.

About Me

I was born is England and moved to America when I was 2 years old. As a kid, our family moved around alot and eventually we ended up in Texas. I was fortunate to meet my wife when she came here to texas to teach elementary school. We are the parents of two incredible children. Our daughter is ten and our son is two. Doing things spontaneously, like going on an unplanned road trip with my family or heading to a movie without warning is a lot of fun for us. Any time spent with my family is very fullfulling. I love going on long hikes in nature. I also enjoy painting, drawing, playing music and creating musical instruments. I was recently rewarded a US patent on one of the instruments I am creating and hope to hear great works of music played on it soon. I've got some more fun ideas for instruments and want to channel all these ideas towards good causes. Currently, I am a Designer of technical Maps and drawings used for building cross country natural Gas pipelines.

Why I am a Mormon

When my family moved to Texas we thought of desert and tumble weeds. I was surprised when we arrived in houston to find beautiful Bayous and miles of Green. There were also alot of really nice people. I got to know some Mormon youth in my 8th grade Art class who eventually invited me to attend scouting activities with them. I felt welcome as we explored mountains and rivers together. One of these friends was a great artist and he invited me over to his house to see a fantastic mural he was creating. On my way home he handed me a book of Mormon which I tucked under my arm and did'nt think much of it. When I got home, I tucked it away on my bedroom book shelf. During that summer I spent a majority of my time with kids who were not Mormon. Soon I was spending more time alone exploring books music and the woods. During this time I gained an intense hunger for truth in my life. A big part of my hunger for truth was satisfied when I made some good friends in my senior year art class. The same friend who had given me the Book of mormon 4 years earlier happened to be in this same art class. This friend began telling me about his guitar playing brother and invited me to join them with my drums. Finally, I went to play drums for this band who really humbled me with their Skills. I soon began to sense a completeness I had felt some years earlier while I was involved with the scouts. I began seeing the need for a living prophet to be on the earth today and began reading the book of Mormon. I took the Moroni challenge to ask God if the things I read and heard about were true. An answer as clear as Sun shining at noon day came to me which paved the way for my baptism into the church. Since then, I have tried to be the same kind of friend and have that same spirit these great friends showed to me. Moreover, the parents of these friends and other adults were expremely instrumental in me becoming a Mormon through their guidance and examples.

How I live my faith

Every day throws challenges at me some are minor and some major. However big or small I've found depending on my own strength makes the challenges more difficult. So I face the challenges by getting outside myself, serving others, and looking at lifes big picture. When I'm serving others erverything falls into place. I'm also learning to be honost when I need help and being humble enough to accept help and advice from others. Basically, connecting with people through service, friendship, and common interests has helped me find greater joy in life. This is difficult for me because I naturally want to be alone and observe rather than participate. The church facilitates this opportunity to connect with others. Additionaly, I find with my immediate and church family that accountability encourages me to keep standards. These standards give me a clean conscience by helping me avoid shame, guilt, disouragement and regret associated with poor decisions. Having a clean consciense strengthems my sense of self-worth and purpose in life. The church also gives me a hope thats stretches through this life and beyond. I have been loved so deeply by people in the church and outside the church who know me and some who have never met me formally but treat me as though they've known me for eternity. I've tried to emulate this in my own life to treat those around me with respect, and strive to remember, no matter how challenging, the great potential we all have. I believe in Jesus Christ, I know he lives and communicates very clearly to people today as well as in times past. The writings and spoken word of these people always offer me strength. I know when truth is spoken by a powerful feeling of joy and happiness that goes beyong anything my mind can fabricate. Gratitude is important also. When I begin to sink into despair because of challenges I always find it helpful to remember how fortunate I am to be alive. I dont ever want to take the beauties of life for granted.

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

Be honost and realize how damaging pornography is to yourself. Because of its damaging influence on self-esteem pornography also damges your relationship with others. So I would say, just get away from it and get an army of people to help you do so if necessary! When you get away then you'll see the joy and happiness the influence of pornography takes you away from. With this awakening, youll want to warn others to get away from the deception of pornography. Show more Show less