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Hi I'm Jen

I was born in Scotland and moved to the States as a teenager. I served in the navy and am now a college student. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I used to be incredibly shy, especially after moving to the States from Scotland. My accent drew a lot of unwanted attention and made me feel very self conscious. During high school I decided to try and overcome my fear. It was a difficult journey but also very liberating.   I joined the navy shortly after graduating because I now wanted a life of adventure and adrenaline, my shyness wasn't going to hold me back from anything anymore! I proudly served for 13 years, married a marine, and had 3 children. I am now raising my children while attending college online. I wont deny, my shyness catches me off guard every now and then, but if I ever feel myself drawing inwards, I go out and do something really fun to get that adrenaline again. My most recent adventure was hang gliding with my husband. Sometime I may get busy and stressed....but I absolutely LOVE my life and wouldn't change a thing- even the shyness!!

Why I am a Mormon

My mother joined the LDS church when she was a teenager in Scotland. I was raised a member but because she was a working single mother, it was sometime hard for us to attend meetings. She made the difficult decision to move us to the U.S.A. to gain a better life for us. My first friend in the States was LDS. I wasn't interested in going to church with her because I was simply out of the habit of going and didn't know what I believed anymore. I did attend young womens camp and some of the youth activities though because they were fun. During the last evening of one of the young womens camps, a lot of emotional stories and testimonies were being shared. I began to slowly get upset because all these young women could feel something I couldn't. They spoke of the love they felt from Christ and how they knew he was there and listening to them. I eventually excused myself to go hide in my tent, but instead of going to the tent, I found myself going into the trees a little and fell to my knees. I opened up my heart and asked Him if he was really there, if he could hear me, and if all of this "Mormon stuff" was true. The immediate answer of love and acceptance engulfed me completly. I was overwhelmed. There was no denying the truth and my life has never been the same since. I know He is there, and He knows that I know- I will never deny Him or His love. He answered me and continues to do so when I open my heart and ask him sincerly.

How I live my faith

As crippling as my shyness was when I was younger, I am grateful for all I have learned from it. I have the opportunity to spend time with most of the women at our church and have noticed it made me sensitive to their needs and allows me the chance to help where possible. The beauty of our church is how we all work together to look after each other and uplift where needed. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to serve and to help others, just as I am grateful to have others help me during my times of need. I feel the love coming from all of these wonderful people as we follow Christ's example of love and kindness. I know that no matter where I am, I can call the Bishop of any LDS church and will have the full support of an entire group of people willing to help.